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Put the 'Spotlight' on your Products - Pre-order the Auction Pro Magento Extension!

Marketers use various methods and try different sales approaches to increase profit. Offering alternative sales models is very effective when you want to single out some products, raise customers interest, attract new visitors or sell the product at the highest price.

Auction is one of the most effective marketing methods. Today we are glad to announce the pre-order of the Auction Pro Magento extension which can help you get maximum profit from this powerful strategy.

If you ever wanted to organize auction at your website, right now is the best time to get the Auction Pro Magento extension. It's pre-order price is $99! After the official release it will jump to $129. Hurry up - you have only few days.

Auction Pro Pre-order

The Auction Pro module for Magento creates an atmosphere of excitement and competition at your website. Meanwhile customers know that the terms and conditions are the same for everyone and they are competing fairly. They set their own purchase price by negotiating the price up while bidding.

A sense of urgency may be instilled in buyers by setting the closing date. Thus customers know that they must "act now" if they are interested in the product or risk missing out altogether. Such approach is vital as many potential buyers tend to procrastinate.

The Auction Pro extension offers you a number of powerful features:

    • Separate category

    • Possibility to add Auction category to top links

Auction Pro General Settings

    • Intuitive auction management

Manage Auctions

    • Auction process logging

Auction Log

    • Auto-creation of cart for winner

    • Customized notifications of new bid and auction ending

    • Offer to buy the product for the maximal bid, automatically sent to all participants

    • Ability to allow buy out

    • Ability to notify participants of higher bids

    • Multistore support

New Auction Creation

  • Easy-to-use bids management

  • Supported product types:

    • Simple

    • Virtual

    • Configurable

    • Downloadable

View more screenshots and pre-order the extension on the Auction Pro page!