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Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 Invites Industry Leaders and Community Members

Welcome Message from the Organizers of the Conference

On 24th October, the leading Magento conference takes place for the first time in Switzerland and invites industry leaders and community members to be part of this event.

Merchants, agencies, developers and service providers - more than 350 attendees will join us and share their knowledge and experiences.

Swiss Online Group AG
Diglin Ecommerce Solutions

Today in our voyage across multiple European countries, which host Magento events, we have a great chance to know a bit more about a beautiful country in the north-west of Europe, about Switzerland.

This is the first time when Switzerland welcomes Meet Magento and this conference is very important for the local community and entire ecosystem. This way Magento continues to engage more and more countries building multiple reliable connections among numerous followers and a solid background for the further successful development.

October 24, the conference will be held in Glattfelden, a cozy town of the canton of Zurich. The official language of the conference is English, however organizers evaluate an opportunity of simultaneous translation available for the business track, while the developers track is planned to be in English.


Switzerland is an originally branded country and example of the excellent national marketing. Talking about Switzerland we can enumerate only perfect definitions: the whitest snow of Alpine resorts, best chocolate in cozy chocolate shops, delicious cheeses from the pastoral meadows, absolutely secured and stable banking system, etc. Meanwhile, it is still a tiny country with a considerably small population, which seems to be constituted of absolutely awesome people.

Switzerland, officially Swiss Confederation, is a federal parliamentary republic, which consists of 26 cantons. The country borders Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Switzerland has no access to the sea and is primarily a mountain country. Meanwhile, almost all population is located on the Swiss Plateau with the biggest cities, including Zurich and Geneva.

Quick Facts about Switzerland

  • Capital: Has no official capital;

  • Official Structure: Confederation;

  • Time Zone: CET (UTC +1);

  • Population: 8,014,000 (2014);

  • Largest cities: Zurich (383,708), Geneva (196,257), Basel (173,808), Lausanne (132,788), Bern (128,848);

  • Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF);

  • Official Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh;

  • Main Religion: Roman Catholicism – 38.2%, Swiss Reformed – 26.9%, Unaffiliated – 21.4%.


Glattfelden is a municipality in the district of Bülach in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. Its population is only 4,631 people mostly speaking German. It has two railway stations, a hotel and several restaurants.

Quick Facts about Glattfelden

  • Canton: Zurich;

  • District: Bulach;

  • Elevation: 387 m;

  • Area: 12.32 sq. km.

Meet Magento Switzerland 2014

The main goal of Meet Magento Swizerland 2014 is to share advanced knowledge and technologies within the local Magento community and the entire ecosystem, establish new business contacts and provide valuable networking. It will contain two tracks held in business and developers rooms aiming to enhance business opportunities for merchants and ensure an access to the latest coding expertise for developers.

The informal part of the conference will comprise a bowling contest and show.

The first Meet Magento event in Switzerland will be held in the Riverside hotel, Glattfelden, Zurich. The venue is perfect for seminars, conferences, business, and entertainment.

Board of Speakers
Meet Magento Switzerland welcomes both local and international speakers representing the Magento community all around the world. Here is only a short list of featured speakers, while you can find the entire scroll on the conference’s site.

Sylvain Raye Fabian Blechschmidt Guido Jansen Thomas Goletz
Ben Marks Damian Luszczymak David Manners Thomas Fleck

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Tickets and Discounts
As of today, you can purchase last minute tickets at the price of 195 CHF, but if you intend to save, you still have a great chance for this. As a media partner of the event aheadWorks provides you a 50% discount on the last-minute ticket price. Just tell us about your demand and we’ll send you the coupon code. The quantity of codes is limited, so don’t miss your chance.

Magento Hackathon

Magento developers also have an excellent opportunity to become a part of the first Swiss Magento hackathon this October. It will be he held immediately after the Meet Magento Switzerland conference in Zurich, October 25-26. The event is open for everyone who enjoys coding, learning, and sharing ideas about Magento.

Welcome to Switzerland!

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