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Meet Magento Ukraine 2014: Some Fascinating Presentations

Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 has just finished, but the event still induces vivid impressions.

While it is so, we would like to highlight some presentations of the conference and make them available to our readers.

As Ukraine is a cradle of Magento development, the local event naturally had a strong technical track presented by numerous Magento developers, who covered next topics in their presentations:

  • Magento 2 product prices;

  • OroCRM integration with Magento;

  • Keeping information consistent across applications;

  • Varnish Cache and its usage;

  • Magento 2 overview.

However we’d like to focus on e-commerce related pieces, which can be especially useful for Magento store owners.

Wonderful New World or Why the Promotion in the Internet is not the Same as It Used to Be?

Wonderful New World or Why the Promotion in the Internet is not as It Used to?

Volodymyr GalikaVolodymyr Galika, Strategy Director, Brainberry

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In his presentation Volodymyr Galika points to some interesting new trends of the information consumption, which are able to change promotional approaches of merchants. For example according to Nielsen, 46% of smartphone and 43% of tablet owners use their devices as a “second screen” every day during watching TV.

The tenfold increased internet usage, mobile facilities, multiple social networks create a new user’s ecosystem, where there is no place for old methods of promotions. In order to differ from competitors and become recognizable store owners should not only use sales incentives, but also create a valuable content for users, surprise and guide them.

Magento 2 Overview

Magento 2 Overview

Max YekaterynenkoMax Yekaterynenko, Senior Manager Engineeringб Magento

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Magento 2 is a long awaited and simultaneously thrilling update of the platform for the whole Magento ecosystem. What are the improvements to be implemented? Is it going to be a real breakthrough and how will it influence the life cycle of the platform? These are the questions asked by everyone, who is connected to Magento one way or another.

On his slides Max Yekaterynenko tears down the veil of uncertainty from Magento 2 and shows the road map of the update, its main goals and components.

Modern tech stack, improved performance and scalability, streamlined customizations, simplified external integrations, easier installations and upgrades, high code quality and testing – these are ingredients of success.

Some main features of the programming level sound very budding: PHP 5.5, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, Less, etc. The full-page cache out of the box in the CE version, Varnish integration, advanced default theme, Composer, full set of carried out tests, and many more components are designed to bring the platform to a new level. Well, we are waiting for this.

Online Consumer Psychology. What Makes Us Purchase?

Online Consumer Psychology. What Makes Us Purchase?

Oleksandr KolbOleksandr Kolb, CEO, Promodo

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The main idea of the presentation is that the channel and manner of communications with customers are very important nowadays. For example, a plain text does not convince customers as much as images, which are less convincing than videos and personal communications.

One more problem is that we still sell boringly, while every brand needs at least rear sensations.

Web-analytics: from Simple to Advanced

Web-analytics: from Simple to Advanced

Roman RybalchenkoRoman Rybalchenko, Founder,

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Precise settings of analytic codes are the first step towards correct data and obligatory condition for valid conclusions. The presentation covers several tips of implementing analytic codes in different situations and for different purposes.

Despite the ultimate goal for every merchant is profit, we still don’t use it as an universal index of our success in many cases or just have no opportunity to measure it correctly. The presentation shows that trough several direct or consequential coefficients we can rich the profit indicator, which shows the effectiveness of promotions and business in general most accurately.

How to Increase Sales by 30% in Your Online Store

How to Increase Sales by 30% in Your Online Store

Anton YermolenkoAnton Yermolenko, CEO,

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Emails are an universal marketing tool suitable for multiple purposes: studies, loyalty and lead generations, direct sales, up-sells, cross sells, communications with customers, etc. According to the presentation, the email marketing is extremely profitable, much more profitable than SMM or mobile promotions. So, here is the answer: you should widely use emails in your marketing and promotional efforts.

In his presentation Anton Yermolenko shares his positive experience of mailing and highlights most effective email formats. For instance, he shows that online magazines can be one of those exclusive still effective features of your customer emails.

These are only few featured presentations from the Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 conference, but you can see the complete list here.

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