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Monthly Updates - August 2019

At the edge of the season, with changes in mind, it is time to analyze the past and see prospects for the future. August review of monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions prompt change!

August monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions

Each monthly review of extensions updates makes it evident, that here at Aheadworks we spare no effort to keep our radars up to the latest developments in the field. Furthermore, we always look into your feedback with a close eye and project wisely for the future of our extensions. With the wheels turning, we gear your business towards success!

This summer, when speaking about updates, we focused on:

  • code refactoring;

  • improving UI and UX;

  • enhancing native Magento functionality;

  • detecting and fixing bugs;

  • and of course, empowering our modules with new features.

The vibrant energy of summer at Aheadworks was generously given to:

Add Free Product to Cart logo

Add Free Product to Cart 1.4.0

New features:

  • Fixed-value discounts for promo products;

  • Discounted price is displayed in mini cart and checkout.

Errors fixed:

  • Extra promo products are not offered if "every time" condition is set;

  • An error message is shown when the quantity of a promo product is edited in Cart;

  • Compatibility with the Product Labels extension restored;

  • No error appears in Magento EE 2.3.2/2.2.9 when promo-products are selected on the rule page;

  • Conditions with the subtotal excluding the promo-products works correctly, and more.

Layered Navigation logo

Layered Navigation 2.0.0

New features:

  • Supporting names of filter attributes with images;

  • Images to go with the values of filter attributes;

  • Editing swatches with the Edit Filter form;

  • Single-select mode for all filters;

  • Continuous/discrete mode for the price slider;

  • Hiding popover on clicking on the outside area.

Errors fixed:

  • Category page loads well when no meta description template is set in the config;

  • URLs with incorrect parameters for filter attributes are simply ignored;

  • The extension works error-free with Elasticsearch;

  • Filters behave correctly on 1-columns pages;

  • SEO-friendly URL can be customized without errors, and more.

Product Labels logo

Product Labels 1.1.0

New features:

  • Labels are shown on products wherever they appear on the storefront;

  • Save & Duplicate button on the Create Label page;

  • More sizes for labels;

  • Specifying areas of labels display;

  • Text adjustments for each label size. 

Errors fixed:

  • Fixed relations between rules and products on update of the latter;

  • The text of the label is displayed in the Rule grid whatever Store View is selected in the rule;

  • Speed improved.

We are now heading into a more introspective and fruitful time of autumn calling forth for further renewal and revitalisation. Follow us on the blog and social nets to catch latest updates as well as brand new releases. The seasons are changing, and with every change comes the opportunity for a new beginning!