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"Product Questions" Video Guide

aheadWorks is a dynamic and high-growth company providing its clients with business solutions and products in the area of Magento platform development. And it is the care for our customers that is one of our primary aims.

So in order to provide your business improvement, ensure your competence in the sphere of site-management awareness and to assure you in diversified beneficial nature of aheadWorks extensions we always strive to facilitate the usage of our Magento modules.

Alongside with various backing stuff such as user guides, demos, screenshots, changelogs and other information we have been pondering over the issue of what additional supporting material to provide you with.

And now we are glad to announce that our efforts in the field of customers’ care and assistance resulted in the release of the "Product Questions" Video Guide.

Don’t know how to use the Product Questions extension? Doubt if it is necessary for your business? Eager to see how it works before purchasing the module? Just have a close look at our new Video Guide in order to avoid any uncertainty!

This video manual focuses on the main extension settings, captures your attention on how to ask a question and answer it. We grasped all the key matters together and did our best to clarify the essence of the issues with the help of narration and video guidance. Our brand new supporting tool will save your time while dealing with the Product Questions extension.

Watch the "Product Questions" Video Guide on the extension page!