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New Gift Card Magento 2 Extension: Associate Pleasant Moments with Your Store

Gift cards are greatly beneficial sales and marketing incentives increasing revenue and attracting new customers.

New Gift Card / Certificate Magento 2 Extension

Absolutely all global brands issue gift cards, either digital or physical: Visa, Apple, American Express, Amazon, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Nike, IKEA, Best Buy, iTunes, eBay, Burger King, Hyatt, Skype, Fridays, Adidas, GAP, Columbia, and so on.

Annually, digital gift card market rises by 29% and customers do not only use their values, but spend by 20% more than the initial gift card nominal, according to

All these make gift cards a mandatory element of any marketing strategy, but you need to find the most advantageous and beneficial way to introduce this functionality to your customers.

The Gift Card extension is designed specifically for Magento 2 based stores and offers you all necessary functionality to tap this beneficial area.

Magento 2 Gift CardGeneral Description

The module allows you to create a new product type – Gift Card. This product is purchased by consumers and further sent to their friends via emails or physically.

Recipients get gift card codes and enter them in shopping carts. They can use gift cards fully or partially, once or several times, if the price of products they purchase is smaller than the gift card amount.


Customer Experience

As far as birthdays are the most popular occasions for purchasing gift cards (according to, 81% of customers purchase gift cards for birthdays) the module allows you to create a festive mood and greatly pleasure your customers and their friends. We all know that giving gifts is as nice as getting  them.

Gift Card Page

Gift Card Page

Customers are able to choose event-relevant email templates and gift card designs preliminarily created by store owners. They can also congratulate friends in their personal accompanying messages .

If customers need to control the view of emails to be sent to their friends, they can enter the preview mode from the gift card product page.

Preview Mode

Preview Mode

Responsive Design
All emails have a responsive design, so customers’ friends get neat and user-friendly holiday messages in every circumstance and on all devices.

Gift Cards Management

The gift cards management includes two main objects: gift card products and gift card codes. Gift card products are the items purchased and sent by customers, while gift card codes provide customers' friends with the opportunity to spend the gifted amount.

Gift Card Products
Gift Cards are created almost the same way as any other products, except of the add-hoc Gift Card Information section. Here you can specify card types (virtual, physical, or combined), its description and expiration period, define email templates and gift card amounts (either fixed or open).

Gift Card Information Section

Gift Card Information Section

The Gift Card Products table enumerates all gift card products and features some essential information about them: types, purchased and used quantities, purchased and used amounts, available email templates, etc.

Gift Card Codes
As soon as customers purchase cards gift card codes are generated automatically. However, you are able to create codes straightly from the backend, specify their value, recipients and send them on the spot. In this case codes are not related to any gift card products or customer orders.

New Gift Card Code

New Gift Card Code

The Gift Card Codes table shows generated codes, related orders and products (if available), initial code amounts, availability (active or not), expiration dates, recipients’ names and emails, used templates, etc.

Custom Email Templates
Magento admins are able to create custom email templates for different occasions (birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc.). Customers are able to choose any design they like, card amount, and add a personal message to it.

User Experience Enhancements

The module provides a grate user experience for both customers and admins still pursuing slightly different objectives for those segments. If customers get the opportunity to effortlessly purchase and send their gift cards, Magento admins, meanwhile, are able to obtain and track all the related information and evaluate the gift cards functionality efficiency at a glance.

Purchase Logging
Detailed and real-time logging of purchased gift cards, issued and used gift codes provides you with a comprehensive view of current state and allows you to manage issues and improve services.

Gift Card Products Table

Gift Card Products Table

Table Capabilities
Managing even extensive gift card product and code lists are no longer an obstacle. You can easily sort and filter lines by different attributes, add or delete grid columns, carry on mass actions, specify page views, and so on.

Gift Card Codes Table

Gift Card Codes Table

Documentation and Support
Extension documentation and customer support are accessible from the backend of the module.


The settings are just simple and enable you to determine the general gift card expiration period and email sender contact.

Gift Card / Certificate Settings

Gift Card Settings


The Gift Card Magento 2 extension is an advantageous promotional tool all year round, but it is especially demanded in the holiday period. Since 2007 gift cards are the most required items in holiday wish lists, according to And, by 2016 sales from gift cards are expected to reach $140 billion, according to CEB TowerGroup.

The comprehensive description of Gift Card you can also find in our Magento 2 plugins portfolio and follow its functionality in our demos containing consecutive and detailed supporting explanations.