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New Magento Extension - Knowledge Base!


Thinking over building a knowledgebase to store important business-related information? Want to add FAQ page to your store? Then Magento Knowledge Base from aheadWorks is the very extension you are looking for. This software implies the usage of a knowledge base to store solutions on problem issues which are referred to periodically or any other documentation required for your site needs. Buy Knowledge Base now!

Some analysts say that FAQs can raise your business by 5, 10, or even 20%. Answer questions before they’ve been asked - rational enough taking into consideration that people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.

All the documentation created by store owner is displayed by means of articles assigned to admin-defined categories. The process of documenting is intuitively understandable and uses familiar standard Magento interface.

A rich set of Knowledge Base settings makes the extension fully customizable – you can define articles listing type (short or full), limit article description length, manage articles rating, upload attachments for articles, etc. You are also able to specify the options of each block – Category, Top Articles, Latest Articles and Tags – by setting up their title, sort order and number of articles displayed.

The Knowledge Base extension offers you a number of powerful features:

  • Ready-to-use interface with CMS-friendly blocks

  • Frontend section combined with Search, Category Articles, Top & Latest Articles independent blocks

  • Knowledge Base Page
  • Search articles by combination of words or exact phrases

  • Search articles by tag or category

  • SEO-friendly direct links

  • Articles sorting by date and rating

  • Article text WYSIWYG editor

  • Article attachments

  • Article author

  • Article status

  • Article Information Page
  • Article categories

  • Multiple categories per article

  • Article Information Page
  • Per-store categories

  • Category Information Page
  • Article rating voted from frontend and controlled from backend

  • Article rating voting limitation

  • Article Information Page
  • Configurable article listing type

  • Module Title, URL key, Frontend, etc. configurable from backend

  • Configurable Title & Sort order of main blocks

  • Articles tag cloud

  • Proportional tag size in Article Tags block

  • Printer-friendly blocks

  • Global search articles in Admin panel

  • Global Search
  • Simple CSS & layout to set custom view style

  • Knowledge Base Page

You can visit the Magento Knowledge Base page and find more information about this extension.