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Checkout Promo – now with Market Segmentation Suite integration!

We continue releasing extensions compatible with the Market Segmentation Suite module and now it is Checkout Promo’s turn to become extra-customizable.

With the Market Segmentation Suite support of the Checkout Promo extension you can organize target promotions for concrete buyers, regular customers and separate customer groups, consumers who have already bought some products, or set up any other conditions unavailable in Checkout Promo before.

In the new version of the Checkout Promo module you can define the Market Segmentation Suite (MSS) rules as additional conditions for promo-blocks displaying. Moreover, when creating Promo rule you can determine MSS conditions only and the banner will be displayed to:

  • "Retailer" customer group



  • customer who has already bought X products in your store



  • customer who viewed a concrete product for X times



The following minor bug have been fixed in the latest version of Checkout Promo:

  • Incorrect saving of Date Start and Date Expire options

You can find more information about Checkout Promo on the extension page.

Note: Market Segmentation Suite is a separate aheadWorks extension and does NOT go with the Checkout Promo package.