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New Magento Extension - Video Testimonials!

Video Testimonials

With the Video Testimonials extension both you and your customers can easily upload video from your computer or YouTube exactly on the product page. Provide your store with additional video and audio information – product demonstrations, services supplied, sales promotions etc., and let your customers share their impressions of the items bought!

Video Testimonials is the next, innovative step in the advertising development. People are fed up with traditional ad – it is obtrusive and annoying. Testimonial is more reliable – nothing is more reassuring than customer’s obvious endorsement of a product or service. Let your customers say good things about you and your products – it looks more persuasive than when you do it yourself.

Video Testimonials are really attention-getting – people are curious about other customers’ personal experience, and would rather click-and-watch a video than surf store pages. Let your customers tell of their experience with your products and thereby make your store content more appealing!

The Video Testimonials extension keeps your site always updated. Videos can be easily added and rated, so there’s always something new about the product. A constant fresh stream of new videos gives an aura of newness even if nothing else changes.

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The more video testimonials are uploaded in your store, the more socially proved it seems to be, and the fewer factors can influence sales resistance. If come-at-first-time people see customers admiring your products, all the uncertainty just self-eliminates.

Moreover, with Video Testimonials you can promote your store in YouTube – all the videos uploaded in your site automatically appear on YouTube under your store account. People find your video when searching for them and visit your site giving you a free permanent flow of traffic.

The Video Testimonials extension offers you a number of powerful features:

    • Easy and fast 2-way video uploading

      Both customers and admin can upload video from computer or YouTube exactly on the product page.


Upload Video Form



    • YouTube API usage

      All videos uploaded in your store are available on YouTube as well.

    • Flexible extension settings

      Define which customer groups are able to upload video, whether it will be shown immediately or after admin's approval, and make Video Testimonials block shown on certain product pages only.



Video Testimonials Configuration



    • Rating system

      An ability to rate testimonials allows displaying the most popular videos in the first turn.

Please, find more information on the Video Testimonials page.

Note: the extension is compatible with Enterprise Edition 1.8 and Community Edition 1.4.1