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Automatic Related Products 2

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Automatic Related Products 2 is an extremely flexible Magento extension which allows you to forget about outdated way of adding related products.

The extension enables you to define the rules for related products and offer people alternatives to the current product automatically! Create dynamic rules according to a certain item to make the related products block more engaging and relevant to people who browse your store.

Automatic Related Products 2 v.2.1 is packed with these new features:

  • Ability to randomize displayed products

  • Ability to save edited block as a new one

  • The product isn’t displayed if it is in cart or wishlist

  • Mass delete action in the backend

The new 2.1 version of Automatic Related Products 2 contains the following bug fixes:

  • W3C Validation error

  • Impossible to disable product block from the block edit page

  • Cart item attributes ('Price in Cart', 'Qty in Cart', 'Row total in Cart') were removed

  • Locale file does not impact labels

  • Minor code & CSS fixes

Visit the product page to see the new features in Automatic Related Products 2 demo.

Catalog Permissions is a great choice for those online merchants who want to configure the visibility of different items, product prices and even the whole categories for specified groups of customers.

The following feature is added to Catalog Permissions v.1.2:

  • Cache system at System > Configuration > Cache Management

Also some bugs have been fixed:

  • Slow performance on large stores

  • Default attributes options are added to specific store view settings

  • Magento CE 1.6.x / Magento EE - fatal error in wishlist and RSS

  • Incorrect installation instructions

  • Locale files are missing

  • Product related to several categories is hidden if one of such categories is disabled

Catalog Permissions

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Find the extension demo and features on the Catalog Permissions page.