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Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

Learn from the use cases of Aheadworks Add Free Product To Cart extension for Magento 2 to effectively convert advanced cross-selling scenarios.

The Add Free Product to Cart extension by Aheadworks facilitates powerful cross-selling scenarios for Magento 2 stores. It helps online merchants build rule-governed promos which suggest customers free or discounted products in response to their topping-up the Cart. Such scenarios are meant to increase both customer retention and average order value. It is time we show some real-life use-cases of Add Free Product to Cart and expand on the scenarios in use by the extension, namely:

Use Case 1: Buy X Get Y

We want to be able to do the following:

  • offer customers the Y Product(s) with a discount should the X Product(s) be added to Cart
  • decide how often the scenario is to respond: first, every or every Nth time the condition is met
  • condition scenarios against the multiple attributes of the X Product(s)
  • condition scenarios against X Products subselection


Although part of the native Magento 2 Cart Price Rules, the Buy X Get Y cross-selling scenario receives further functionality in Aheadworks M2 Add Free Product to Cart. The extension allows creating explicit rules for the promo. This involves conditioning the scenario against the many product attributes and setting the frequency of response to the condition. Merchants are able to select the Y Product(s) and indicate how many of them customers can add to Cart within one offer.

Moreover, the extension enforces this scenario with advanced configuration of the promo look. This is essential to make a Buy X Get Y offer clear, attractive and informative - customer-centered, in fact.


1. Offer any two Y Products from the given list with a 30% discount every time the Customer top-up Cart with one of the X Products.

Buy X Get Y Free Magento

2. Offer any one Y Products from the given list at the price of $50 (base currency) first time the Customer tops up Cart with at least five X Products.

Magento buy X get Y free different products

Other examples could be:

  • Buy one item, get another one free
  • Buy multiple items, get the cheapest one free
  • Buy one item, get a gift, etc.

Use Case 2: Spend X Get Y

We want to be able to do the following:

  • offer customers the Y product(s) with a discount should the Cart total be over $X (in base currency)
  • condition scenarios against multiple Cart attributes, including those of shipping


Aheadworks Magento 2 Add Free Product to Cart enables choice of a cross-selling scenario for your promos. The three alternatives including the Spend $X Get Y are available within one drop-box on the promo rule page. The extension fully implements the inherent logic of the scenario. It, furthermore, allows setting complex conditions not only against the particulars of the products in Cart but primarily against the attributes of Cart: subtotal value, total, shipping method and fee, etc. Merchants are able to set up the promo popup and define how to offer the Y Product(s).


Offer any one Y Product (T-shirt) for free when the Cart subtotal is $X, the products in Cart are from the Yoga gear Category and shipping is within the home-country.

buy x get y free magento 2 extension

Other examples could be:

  • Spend $250 on shirts and get two of them for free
  • Or a set of consecutive rules per product category:
    • Spend more than $30, get $5 discount
    • Spend more than $60, get $15 discount
    • Spend more than $100, get $30 discount

Use Case 3: Coupon

We want to be able to do the following:

  • offer customers coupon codes which they can use on the Cart or Checkout page to claim discounts
  • restrict the discount to only the products on the cross-selling offer, not necessarily those in Cart
  • condition the scenario against multiple product and Cart criteria


Third cross-selling scenario on choice in M2 Add Free Product to Cart, Coupon, is also available in the native Magento 2 Cart Price rules, though with far heavier functionality. The present extension allows assigning coupon codes to cross-selling promos in a click. In tote, Coupon promo configuration is intuitive and similar to the situations described above. 

The scenario works as follows: when at checkout or Cart customers enter the code into the Apply Discount Code field, the system checks if the scenario conditions are met and shows the promo popup in case of success. Only customers with the coupon code can access the promo. The coupon code can be applied multiple times with every next purchase. 


Offer one product from Category T-shirts with a 50% discount should there be more than two products of the same category in Cart (Buy 2 Get another 1 for 50%) and the total price of these two products be not less than $50. The promo is to be available on entering Coupon Code: SUMMER2020.

Buy X Get y Magento 2 rule

Other examples could be similar to all those listed above with the difference in specifying a coupon code text.

Try out the demo version of the extension and learn more about its distinguished cross-selling advantages.

Further Recommendations

It is one of the manifest advantages of Magento 2 Add Free Product to Cart, that the three cross-selling scenarios mentioned here are all present in the extension. Merchants get able to build multiple rules for their cross-selling promos employing any of the scenarios. Further promo configuration options facilitate cross-selling strategies which perfectly match the regalia of a merchant's online business. The present extension does a great deal of work towards this aim, however, it is important to keep in mind some recommendations on the use of the cross-selling scenarios:

  1. The "Buy X Get Y" scenario makes a strong emphasis on the products of a customer's interest. This scenario prompts customers to buy more items. Here it is of utmost importance to pick up the Y Products smartly:
    • Select those of prices lower than those of X Products;
    • Suggest products which can be forgotten or unnoticed (usually smaller things);
    • Opt for products which satisfy the same needs as X products.

2. The "Spend X Get Y" scenario challenges customers to spend. It is primarily focused on how customers purchase and, of course, at what amount they do so. This scenario prompts customers to spend more. Thereby, it is crucial that merchants mind the following:

  • Discounts are to be realistic, made with scrupulous eye to the Spend X value, so to gain profit and not loose;
  • A set of promo-rules based on the increasing values of Spend X put in cohort with smartly chosen Y Products and values of the discounts can actually bring down the resulting discount at checkout.

3. The "Coupon" scenario can be used to satisfy any of the above needs. At the same time, this scenario enables customers with greater control over the promo. It is for them now to decide when to see the promo, what purchase to apply it to, when and how many times to do so. On top of that, customers can pass coupon codes to each other. On the one hand, this helps your promo reach greater audience, but on the other - tests your financial planning against the growing purchase interest. We recommend merchants decide on the following before employing the "Coupon" scenario:

  • How coupons are to be distributed: by email, included in newsletters, ads or printed;
  • How restrictions are to be set on distribution of coupons by customers.

Final Thoughts

Pick up the Y Products smartly and do not overload your Magento 2 customers with unrelated cross-selling offers. Treat the scenarios like suggestions. Remember that cross-selling is also a way of demonstrating that you are aware of customers' needs and that you care about their satisfaction. The rest is the job of Magento 2 Add Free Product to Cart by Aheadworks.

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