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Refer a Friend 1.3.3 - now with referral’s orders limit option!

Stimulate your customers to invite MORE NEW friends to your online store. The "referral’s orders limit" condition implemented in Magento extension Refer a Friend v.1.3.3 allows you to restrict the quantity of orders that will take part in discount calculating.  Buy Refer a Friend extension

Add Rule Page

Now you can set the "1" value in this new field and only the first purchase of each invited friend will bring in a discount to referrer.

The following bugs have been fixed in Refer a Friend v.1.3.3:

    • Sorting doesn’t work at Refer a Friend Statistics page


    • Incorrect extension disabling


    • Discount is displayed incorrectly on checkout in Magento 1.4


    • Compilation causes fatal errors in Magento 1.4


    • Incorrect window title in backend in Magento 1.4

Please find more information about this aheadWorks extension on the Refer a Friend page.