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Have you ever thought how essential the FAQ pages are?

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page allows you to provide your existent and potential customers with the information people are usually interested in – supported payment gateways, delivery date & time, guarantees, refunds, confidentiality and so forth. In fact, it is the place where your site visitors can get the immediate answers to the majority of their requests.

In spite of the seeming single role of the Frequently Asked Questions page, it serves at least 4 purposes:

  1. Gives answers to the most popular questions

    People don’t like to purchase blindly. They have the right to know what and under which circumstances they are buying. If they don’t find such information on your site, they will turn to your competitors.

  2. Helps to improve your sales conversions

    Answer questions before they’ve been asked - people like caring attitude and thank by becoming your regular customers.

  3. Increases SEO ranking

    The formula is simple - the more unique content, the more traffic to your site.

  4. Decreases requests to support

    Having placed the frequently asked questions on your site, you will reduce the number of customers' appeals to your support team.

Thus thoroughly prepared information for FAQ page helps you to build customer loyalty, raise your business and increase your site’s rating on search engines. Rather solid argumentation to ignore this marketing springboard of capturing your audience.

Information grouped to categories, tags assigned to articles, automatically generated Top Articles and Latest Articles blocks – all these features available in the Knowledge Base extension from aheadWorks work hand in hand to ease finding required information.

If you want to learn how to add and manage the FAQ page with Knowledge Base, visit the extension page.