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Reward Points 1.3 Becomes a Universal Rewarding Tool

The points generated and managed by the Reward Points extension for Magento 2 are used in different sales-related processes.

Reward Points 1.3 Becomes a Universal Rewarding Tool

Last time we highlighted the functionality that processes Magento store refunds with points, including refunding to points, returns of spent points for refunded orders or point withdrawals earned for subsequently refunded purchases. Still, the sales processed by Magento 2 stores may involve even more aspects affecting reward points, e.g. taxes and shipping.

Reward Points 1.3 for Magento 2

The Reward Points extension for Magento 2For example, the EU tax regulation requires online sellers to apply points after taxes, so that the whole order total is considered in calculations. Besides, shipping amounts for remote destinations may constitute an essential part of a purchase and naturally should be rewarded or allowed to be paid with points as well.

So, Reward Points 1.3 provides both the mentioned opportunities as a result of the corresponding extension configuration.

Points Earning Calculation Option

This setting option has two values - Before Tax and After Tax. The first one can be suitable for the stores that usually omit taxes in their sales and have an advantageous chance to simplify calculations, this way. In this case, points are added according to the next formula:

Points = (Subtotal - Discounts) * Earn rate

But, if tax laws oblige you to include taxes in your prices, you can take advantage of the second option ‘After Tax’. And, in this case the formula for rewarded points is going to look like:

Points = (Subtotal + Taxes - Discounts) * Earn rate

Points Applied to Shipping

If you want to allow customers to pay for shipping with points, you need to enable the ‘Allow applying points to shipping amount’ setting option. This way, customers are able to pay shipping fully or partially depending on other settings, e.g. ‘Share of purchase that could be covered by points, %’.

Reward Points Calculation Options

Reward Points Calculation Options

Otherwise, when the option value is set to ‘No’, customers are not allowed to spend points on shipping and can only cover item prices.


The above functionality enhancements make a significant step towards the extension's universality making it beneficial for European stores or the stores with substantial shipping costs.

More information on the extension is available on the product page in our store. The details of the point calculations including taxes and shipping are provided in the extension User Guide.