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RMA 1.2 for Magento 2: Better UI, Higher Business Value, Better Code…

If we can not prevent customers from returning our products, we can certainly make them do this conveniently.

RMA 1.2 for Magento 2: Better UI, Higher Business Value, Better Code…

Perhaps you know that, according to IMRG, 36% of the UK customers miss the offline ease of returning items in online stores. So, the ultimate goal of merchants is to make this process as simple as it is offline and the latest version of the RMA extension for Magento 2 brings this moment just a bit closer.

RMA 1.2 for Magento 2

The whole process of return authorization touches three parties: customers, merchants, and Magento developers. The latest update of the RMA extension provides new features for all of them.

RMA 1.2 for Merchants

Web API Support
The new opportunity to integrate the RMA functionality into any third-party application via API is useful for many businesses. For example, you may need to import and update the RMA data, or even create RMA requests in your CRM system. That’s where the web API support is going to be a great enhancement towards the required integration allowing you to streamline your business processes.

RMA Auto-approval
One more new feature to be appreciated by Magento merchants is the RMA auto-approval. In the case you want to accept any of the received product return requests, now you can easily enable this functionality.

Auto-approval Functionality

Auto-approval Functionality

Enter the extension Setting section at Sales -> RMA by Aheadworks -> Manage RMA -> Settings and choose Yes in the Approve New Requests Automatically drop-down field. In the case when the option is enabled, all the incoming RMA requests will automatically get the ‘Approved’ status.

Universal Email Templates
In order to unify the email notification workflow, by default, the extension offers two email templates serving the process. Both the emails can be selected in the corresponding configuration sections on the Configuration page of the extension. The Reply by Admin option allows to set up the template received by customers, while the Reply by Customer option determines the one to be sent to Magento admins.

RMA 1.2 for Customers

File Attachments for Customers
In order to make the process of product returns more convenient and feature-rich for customers, the RMA extension allows customers to attach files to their RMA requests. RMA 1.2 makes the process better equipped and provides customers with better control over the procedure.

The functionality is available from the extension Settings section and allows Magento admins to define the maximum upload file size and types of files available for upload.

File Attachments

File Attachments

Customers, in their turn, can see those file types, review their attachments, and delete any before the request is submitted.

Customer Can Print RMA Labels Directly from the Request Page
As soon as the request is submitted and approved customers are able to print the corresponding RMA print label from the Request Review page in just one click. The module automatically downloads the label in PDF ready for printout.

Customer Area UI Improvements
Customer accounts are the control centers for all RMA requests. The latest version of the extension makes it intuitive, straightforward, and good-looking on all devices. From now on, customers spare no extra second to submit or edit their requests since all the necessary management functions appear at hand.

The My Returns grid displays a detailed list of submitted requests with no excessive or confusing information. Here customers can either create new returns or view and edit the existing requests.

Request Editing

Request Editing

Entering a particular request page you are able to update or cancel it, print RMA labels, and confirm shipping. The editing functions allow changing shipping address details, add new messages (optional), and update the requests.

The whole history of messages between the customer and merchant is now distinctly visible on the page and easy to read and recover displayed in different notable colors.

RMA 1.2 for Developers

Unit and Static Tests
Starting with the new version of the extension most of the code modules and classes are covered with unit tests, while the whole extension passes the Magento static tests and corresponds to the Magento 2 coding standards.


In general, RMA 1.2 delivers a better user experience for both Magento merchants and customer. The provided functionality allows extending the business scope of the extension’s application and lets customers make their returns rapidly with full control over their status and progress.

The latest version of the extension is already available in our store. Purchase it or update for free if you already have a previous version of the module. In case of any questions regarding your purchases or extension functionality please contact our support team.