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SARP 2.1 Gets the eWAY Payment Method

The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension provides one of those great services, which are both required by customers and beneficial for merchants. Offering product subscriptions is a real chance to increase sales and improve provided customer service in your store.

Using this extension you are able to offer subscriptions to your customers and use the extended tool set for their configuration and tracking.

SARP 2.1

This extension allows you to:

  • Set up periods of subscriptions and separate prices for each of them;

  • Offer trial or discounted periods of subscriptions;

  • Offer daily, weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions or define custom periods for different products;

  • Segment customers by their subscriptions;

  • Provide infinite subscriptions;

  • Create unique subscriptions for each website;

  • Define payment days for any individual subscription (defined by customers, the moment of purchase, the last day of each month, etc.)

  • Check subscription statuses; view all subscribers and their payments.

Your customers also enjoy advanced capabilities of the extension, including detailed information regarding their subscriptions in their Account Area and secure payment processes accomplished on the gateways’ sides.

The SARP extension supports simple, downloadable, configurable, virtual, grouped, and bundle products for subscriptions and multiple payment methods for recurring payments.

New Feature

Since the 2.1 ver. of the extension your customers are able to use the eWAY payment method to pay their purchases, which is especially beneficial for the Australian customers, where this payment method is widespread.

This way you can greatly expand the geography of your international clients and offer better customer service for your existing customers.

IMPORTANT The eWAY payment option requires cron jobs to be set up. Please, refer to our Readme for more details.

The Subscription and Recurring Payments Magento extensionConclusion

On the product page of the extension in our store you will find more detailed information regarding the functionality of the module. You can also walk through the whole list of available payment methods and refer to the extension’s documentation there. In order to try the functionality online, visit our demo stores, please.

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