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Store Locator ver. 1.1 - Only Effective Locating of Your Stores

Customers will certainly appreciate any improvement of the shopping process and return you their gratitude in increased sales and the loyalty.

The Store Locator Magento extensionThe Store Locator extension from our partners is one of those necessary tools, which makes the visit to your store comfortable and pleasant. The module allows visitors to automatically search your nearest physical stores and outlets and get an initial information about these units, including their precise location, transport availability, or building photos for easy orientation.

Despite this extension is comparatively new, our customers highly evaluate its functionality. So, we continue to broaden and deepen it and today are ready to offer you the next version of the module, more efficient and user-friendly.

New Features

Compared to its precursors, the Store locator ver. 1.1 extension has three new features.

Stores within a Certain Radius from the Users’ Location
The new functionality allows customers to locate stores within a determined area around their place of residence.

For the purpose, customers define their location on the Store Locations page and choose the search radius around it, or they can search the nearest stores by an address using Country, State/Province, City, and Zip Code options.

Search by Distance

Search by Distance

The configuration of this option is carried out in the Search Configuration section in the backend. You can specify the radius in kilometers or miles, define the default radius value and affordable radius intervals.

Store Locations Import/Export via CSV (XML)
An initial launch of the extension can be a bit time consuming, when you need to add a large amount of data containing numerous physical stores to you Magento.

Now this obstacle is removed by the newly introduced feature – Store Locations Import/Export. It allows you to upload (download, if necessary) a large number of stores to your Magento installation automatically. This way, the installation and initial extension setting take much less time and efforts.


Opening Hours Assigned to Multiple Locations
As opening hours is an attribute inherent to all physical stores, the recent update of the extension adds an opportunity to create a separate dedicated entity for your store location – Opening Hours.

Using it, you can create several typical opening hours schedules and assign them to one or multiple stores. So, there is no need to add this information manually for your numerous local stores and outlets.

If you need this functionality in your Magento, visit the product page of the extension, please. There you will find the comprehensive functionality description, related documentation, and be able to try the module in action in our demos.

If you have some questions about this Magento extension, share them in the comments below, please.

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