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Personal Pickup - A New Extension for Multichannel Sellers

Personal product pickups are widely known and common in the omni-channel sales strategy. Many famous brands, including Apple, Staples, BestBuy, etc., provide their customers with the opportunity to take their purchases in stores or other alternative delivery locations by themselves.

This shipping option has several benefits as it allows customers to save time and money on shipping, get an in-store help and consultations, etc.

In this post we’d like to introduce you the Personal Pickup module enabling self-service deliveries of products.

Main Functionality

The Personal Pickup extension from our partners allows you to create a new shipping method called “Pickup in Store” and let customers take their goods independently. Choosing this shipping option at the checkout customers are able to find and select the nearest location, where they would like to pick up the order.

The module creates an unlimited number of pickup locations, which can be shown to all or only specific customers based on their country or postal codes.

This module is perfect for customers, as they can reduce or eliminate shipping costs, while merchants provide an exceptional service and win the competition with this Magento extension.

“Pickup in Store” Shipping Method


“Pickup in Store” Shipping Method


Pickup Locations Payment Methods
The module provides customers with an opportunity to make payments for goods directly in the store, where they pick up the order. For this purpose, you should just enable “Cash on Delivery” (default Magento payment method) for the “Store Pickup” shipping method.

Still, the whole list of available payment methods is wider and can be set up at the configuration stage.

Pickup Locations Payment Methods


Pickup Locations Payment Methods

Pickup Locations Display Restrictions
For those merchants, who have a lot of local and international outlets, there is an opportunity to limit the number of displayed pickup locations using either postal codes or countries, from which customers originate.

Note: You can determine only certain postcodes for definite locations, postcode ranges, or necessary combinations of postal codes and code ranges.

Pickup Store Attributes
With the Personal Pickup extension store locations obtain several specific attributes, including Store Name, Description, Postcode, and Price.

The Name and Description attributes provide you with an opportunity to precisely describe the store location, its address, opening hours, and any additional information regarding it.

The price attribute allows you to add specific shipping costs to the required locations in addition to the total order price.

Pickup Store Attributes


Pickup Store Attributes

Specific Countries for Shipping
This feature means that you can provide the module’s functionality for all countries or for only specific ones. And if a customer from an unattended country tries to choose the Store Pickup shipping method, you can create an error message for them with necessary explanations.

Countries for Shipping


Countries for Shipping


The merchants, who run multiple physical stores and outlets, will certainly find the Personal Pickup extension highly valuable for their business. If you are among them, visit the product page of the module in our store and read the comprehensive description of its functionality, please. You can also visit the demo store and try the module in action or contact our support team and ask any particular questions regarding this extension.

If you have some questions about this Magento extension, share them in the comments below, please.

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