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The App Factory Does Not Plan to Compete with Magento Connect

Thomas_FleckEditor’s Note: This post is provided exclusively for our blog by Thomas Fleck, CEO of the Netresearch App Factory.

I believe, you have already heard about the App Factory marketplace and now you wonder what it really is and how it is related to Magento Connect – rival or affiliate? Today I’ll give you the answers to these questions and explain how we accept modules in there.

The App Factory is a platform for Magento extensions, operated by Netresearch. We worked as a Magento Enterprise Partner in the past and currently we are a Preferred Extension Development Partner of Magento. Furthermore, we are organizing lots of Magento events like Meet Magento Germany, Meet Magento Brazil, Developers Paradise and will keep aheadWorks blog readers posted about the upcoming meetups.

What is the App Factory?

The App Factory is an international marketplace of verified Magento extensions aimed at online retailers and agencies.


The App Factory



The special feature of the App Factory is that we offer only high-quality extensions tested by us beforehand. We are also able to take over the support for these extensions if needed. Our priority is to present extensions that do not get in conflict with other store functionality. Nothing is worse than a new extension threatening the whole functionality of an existing online store.

You can compare a Magento website to a car. There are so many options to personalize a car for different purposes. However, you need to set the purpose first and then you can understand how to adjust the car. It wouldn’t be a good solution just to screw on some parts or to tune the chip. The same applies to Magento. If you want to have solid basics for your successful business, you need competent partners to help you choose the right extensions for your store.

Currently, the App Factory offers about 150 extensions and is available in English and German.

Who can add their modules to the App Factory and how?

Our marketplace is open for all developers who meet our conditions of admission. As already mentioned before, the quality of the extension is one of the most important criteria for us. We accept extensions according to a standardized process. The first step is always the evaluation of the extension.

Is the App Factory a rival to Magento Connect?

No, the App Factory is not in competition with Magento Connect. We see it as useful addition and enhancement to Magento Connect. The aim of the App Factory is not offering as many extensions as Magento Connect, but rather sorting them out and presenting modules only of a high quality.

The component of Magento success is the amazing community, where everybody can contribute ideas to develop the whole ecosystem. The App Factory is such kind of contribution.

P.S. aheadWorks is honored to be recognized by the App Factory as Extension Partner and offer our modules at this marketplace.