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darkside of holidays sales

The Dark Side of Holiday Sales or Post-holiday Routine Adjustments

“No more champagne and the fireworks are through…”

So, the holiday season is nearing the end and we need to return to daily routines and restore the level of customer support and maintenance.

holiday sales

Especially that plentiful holiday season sales create a lot of post-purchase issues demanding close attention and prompt resolution. This time multiple customers start to return items and ask for refunds, so we need to decently withstand this period or better pass it attracting new sales and customers.

In this post we’d like to offer you some valuable solutions able to facilitate your efforts and simplify customer service.

The RMA Magento ExtensionRMA

The ultimate goal of item returns processing is “keeping customers happy” with their returns in any case and circumstances. According to NetDespatch, easy returns are becoming an important competition factor and carefully considered by most customers. The inability or difficulty of returns often prevents customers from further purchases and make them unhappy with definite retailers.

The RMA extension is ready to smooth out numerous pitfalls on the way of excellent return services and make customers satisfied with their return experience.

The module builds a comprehensive and holistic RMA process transparent for customers and fully controlled by merchants. It starts an RMA procedure from scratch and covers all necessary stages with required functionality, including a live chat, user-friendly frontend visualization, powerful backend management system, request statuses, and forceful notification system.

Furthermore, RMA for Magento 2 allows you to collect additional information with special custom fields and adjust product returns to any ecommerce business model. The RMA extension is available both for Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions.

The Store Credit and Refund Magento ExtensionStore Credit and Refund

Fast refunds can also improve customers’ loyalty greatly and retain many of then. The Store Credit and Refund extension provides immediate refunds with credits issued by merchants.

The module allows granting credits for individual customers manually or refund customers with store credits automatically each time they ask for refunds.

However, the main purpose of the extension is to encourage new purchases in your store and crediting customers is a great option in this case. Customers fully control credit amounts in their store accounts and are able to choose credits as a payment method during the checkout covering both item costs and tax payments.

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento ExtensionHelp Desk Ultimate

Support requests are abundant during the post-holiday period, but customers are looking for quick and helpful responses from your team without any indulgence. So, Help Desk Ultimate can make your life much easier when you handle multiple tickets from your customers.

The module creates a unified single stream communication channel for requests coming from different sources, including customer accounts, native contact forms, backend, and emails.

The effective and flexible management system distributes tickets to target departments and agents providing high-quality answers from authorized niche experts. It also conveniently queues queries according to their statuses and priorities and retains the full history of communications for efficient and swift recoveries.

With this extension you obtain a holistic picture of the support process and receive quick access to requests from the backend grids fine-tuned according to the special characteristics of your business.  Additionally, you are free of any third-party usage charges and able to customize the extension’s code, if necessary.

Ticket ratings, powerful notification system, and versatile statistics make this extension a truly high-end solution in the class and guarantee customers’ satisfaction.


As soon as you sort out the mess of returned items, refund requests, and support tickets you can proceed to more pleasant things, e.g. sales generation. Especially that according to the previous year’s statistics the beginning of the year didn’t show any deep decline of online retail sales. And, with this in mind you can visit our store and pick up some other valuable Magento add-ons for this purpose, as well.

Keep calm and make more profitable sales!