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The Only Lady in aheadWorks Support Team Answers 40 Customers’ Questions per Day

Ekaterina Sobolkova photoHere in aheadWorks blog we publish a lot of information regarding our Magento extensions and development process. It's such a shame we tell you so little about our support department.

aheadWorks support team is just as big as our development crew (!). Support engineers and customer care specialists literally work days and nights to make you, our customer, happy. You communicate with them daily, but barely have an idea of who they are, and we feel guilty about that. Today we put a spotlight on aheadWorks support starting from the talk with the only lady in aheadWorks support team – Ekaterina Sobolkova.

Ekaterina Sobolkova is a Customer Care Team Leader in aheadWorks. She has been working in our company for 1.5 years and has already answered 5,142 tickets so far! It is about 40 customers’ questions per day. It is rather impressive for such a fragile girl, isn’t it?

Ekaterina has kindly agreed to answer our questions and share some private information with our blog readers.

What types of questions do you usually answer?
E: The majority of my tickets are presale questions – whether the extension can do this or that, what are the main functions of the extension, is it compatible with the merchant’s Magento version, can he or she get the discount, can we customize the extension for customers. Also it happens very often that a presale question turns into technical.

Ekaterina, you have answered so many customers’ questions. What are the most popular?
E: Typical support questions for Magento development company are:

    • Can your extension do this or that?


    • I can’t place the order. What should I do?


    • I can’t log in. What should I do?


    • Can you give me the discount?

Is it hard to be the only lady in the support team?
E: It's quite OK! In childhood I used to play with boys more often than with girls. Moreover, our team is very friendly and willing to help, so there is no big difference between men and women here.

Ekaterina Sobolkova photoHow difficult is it for a lady to deal with support issues?
E: It depends on the personal qualities, not gender. Support specialists should cope with hardships bravely, don’t panic and be able to read between the lines. I think this is what I am good at.

How does support workload differ during public holidays? Like Labor Day or Christmas.
E: Usually these days customer flow is increasing. Holidays encourage store owners to offer discounts and announce sales, so their own customer flow also doubles and they need to fix all issues asap. We get that and try to solve their problems at a high speed to minimize their losses.

When it comes to Christmas, a lot of clients are celebrating it and we don’t have so much to do as you might expect. Generally, people are very friendly and complacent at this time of the year.

What is the most memorable ticket you've ever had?
E: One of our customers has invited me to visit his homeland. =)

What would you like to ask your clients about?
E: Please, formulate the task clearly, always name the extension you are talking about and give access details as soon as possible – this info will greatly decrease the time spent on solving the issue.

And last but not least – don’t hesitate to leave reviews for extensions you use from aheadWorks store and Magento Connect.

Good luck and see you in help desk! ;)


Are you acquainted with some other support specialists in aheadWorks team? Who were you talking with while submitting requests? Were you satisfied with aheadWorks support after all?

Looking forward to seeing your comments!