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The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

At the end of each year we look forward to the holiday season and chase away the thoughts about the post-holiday period obstinately. However, it always comes regardless of our fears and pleas.

We are accustomed to consider this period as an inevitable payoff for the holiday sales boom and strive to find the ways to mitigate and shorten its negative consequences. So, what is the way to turn the After Holiday Season to good account and retain sales or at least avoid any sufficient stress for your online business?


Helpful Data Mining

First of all, let us estimate the results of the holiday surge both in revenue and inventory.

    • Rushing sales during the holiday season do not necessarily mean a complete clearance of stocks and you can find some items able to become candidates for next sales promotions;
    • Abandoned carts left by customers are also usually numerous, and if recovered properly, they can also bring you additional revenues;
    • The chance to look at the sales from different angles (by products, customer groups, days, hours, product attributes, etc) is able to show you multiple opportunities for generating new profits and walk through the period of lower demand with minimal losses.

Product Returns Management

Product returns are a great disappointment, but also a great chance and you certainly have no reason to blame customers for their immaturity. Often, their need to ask for returns is caused by quite objective circumstances. For example, wrong sizes or doubled items received as Christmas gifts are quite common for this period.

Anyway, all your customers deserve great attitude both if they purchase from you or return products. Besides, returns do not always mean refunds, since customers can also ask for exchanges or you can turn returns into new purchases with personal discounts and coupons.

And even if a customer still returns a product, a smooth and simple RMA process will certainly increase loyalty to your store and may blaze a trail for next purchases or even regular sales.

Attentive Customer Services

The post-holiday time is going to be a hot period for your support team, as far as after the holiday season a lot of customers have questions related to your products and need all their fears to be dispelled. Simultaneously, it’s a good time to show the advantages of your products and services, thank customers for their purchases and offer discounts, coupons or reward points.

Also, customers appreciate personal communications with brands and tend to become brand advocates much easier in this case. Just now your customer service team can follow some most promising shoppers and succeed in personal sales and retention.

Post-holiday Hot Offer

Post-holiday Hot Offer

The Magento merchants that would like to bring all the above tactics and hints to life just now have a beneficial opportunity to take advantage of our post-holiday hot offer valid for currently most required extensions.

Advanced ReportsAdvanced Reports

The Advanced Reports extension allows you to analyze the results of holiday sales and make great decisions for the upcoming post-holiday season.

More Details: Product page (Advanced Reports for Magento 1, Advanced Reports for Magento 2).


The RMA extension is able to organize product returns and exchanges in a convenient for customers manner providing you with the required operational freedom.

More Details: Product page (RMA for Magento 1, RMA for Magento 2).

Help Desk UltimateHelp Desk Ultimate

The Help Desk Ultimate extension allows your customer service team to dispel doubts related to purchased products and increase loyalty to your brand.

More Details: Product page (Help Desk for Magento 1, Help Desk for Magento 2).

More Extensions


Coupon Code GeneratorCoupon Code Generator

The Coupone Code Generator can be useful for both product returns and customer relations and convince customers to stay loyal to your brand and store.

More Details: Product page (Coupon Code Generator for Magento 1, Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2).