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FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

The way to provide information in the FAQ format is ancient, e.g. Plato’s dialogues date back to fourth century BCE.

Going through that long period of existence FAQ sections are currently widespread on different websites and their popularity is not unreasonable.

FAQ Pages: Benefits and Tips

FAQ Benefits

This communication tool is able to talk, persuade, explain, save time, save efforts, build relations and sell. Sounds too good? Not at all. The benefits of FAQ pages are numerous and worth to take care about on your Magento web store.

Time Savings

Most perspectives and customers care about similar or even the same things and need only straight answers. The way to manage them individually is extremely inefficient and time consuming for your customer service team. It’s much wiser to answer them on FAQ pages and avoid unnecessary calls and conversations.


Online customers prefer easy and honest answers. If your FAQ section meets these requirements, you will be known as a reliable and trustworthy business. Such reputation is able to bring you a lot of new customers and increase sales.

Expert Position

FAQ pages are the best place to show the business expertise you have. Customers are inclined to purchase from established and professional retailers taking care about quality of products, shipping terms, possible frauds, etc.

Improved SEO

Most of the FAQ articles are text pages and indexed by search engines willingly. FAQs give you a chance to obtain search rankings of the keywords unavailable for product, category or other CMS pages.

Regular text additions and renewals are also considered to be a highly positive SEO factor. Even though you can’t constantly change or add new text abstracts to product pages FAQ pages leave you enough room for such SEO enhancements.

Unique Selling Points Coverage

You can also use FAQ pages for direct on-page promotions and cover your unique selling points there. Customers will be interested in those really valuable shopping advantages. You can even add links to product pages or call-to-action buttons on FAQ pages and directly influence sales this way.

FAQ Tips

If you decide to build an FAQ section in your online store, you’ll need some advice in order to provide valuable and effective information. The provided tips are mostly basic considerations, still able to make you sure that you do not miss anything truly important.

Study Most Required Topics

Each FAQ section should take into account only most frequent and needful topics relevant to your particular store. However, there is no need to cover obvious points and clutter up FAQ pages this way. FAQs are usually based on real customers’ feedback coming from daily phone calls, emails, or other communications. As far as it is a regular process, you will receive a chance to constantly add new pages to the FAQ section and that’s just great for both customers and SEO.

Arrange FAQs Logically

As soon as the FAQ section includes more and more pages, it will gradually require a sophisticated structure and additional functionality enabling convenient and effective navigation. And the first step towards is a logical structure of questions basing on either their popularity, value, complexity, etc. depending on your particular needs.

Make FAQs Convenient

A clear structure is usually not enough for effective search and navigation especially if your FAQs include dozens of questions, answers, comments, etc. In this case you will need to provide visitors with additional navigation elements:

  • Search boxes allow customers to find the information by keywords in titles or text bodies;

  • Navigation links include ‘back to top’, ‘back to previous page’, navigation anchors, etc.

  • Related topic links allow visitors to consider all aspects of a certain topic;

  • Other navigation elements enable customers to enter product categories or CMS pages from the FAQ section.

Make It Clear

As soon as customers are able to reach the required topics easily, you need to make sure that the articles they read are just clear. And in order to provide that easy information perception, texts are not always enough. You can additionally attach descriptive images, diagrams and even video tutorials, if the topic is quite difficult or abstract.

Analyze Effectiveness

All the questions and answers can not be equally popular and some FAQs will naturally gather more traffic and comments. This may depend on popularity of topics or information format and the effectiveness analysis is able to show you unpopular or confusing answers that need to be either deleted or disclosed properly.

The FAQ extension for Magento 2FAQ for Magento 2

FAQ sections are no longer that simple since they became valuable stand-alone elements of every online store. So, they need to be equipped with multiple functions providing customers with valuable and easily digestible information.

The FAQ extension for Magento 2 is able to meet most of your expectations and offer great frontend UI and backend availabilities for Magento 2 stores. Easily accessible and sophisticated FAQ sections created by the extension contain search, navigation, SEO, voting and analysis features required to create helpful information blocks able to provide customers with necessary information and push sales.

You can purchase this extension in our catalog or try it in action in our demo store.

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