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Treat each customer as your beloved child

Every online business owner knows that a web store has to be efficient, effective and easy to use. A truly successful e-commerce experience is a synergy of usability, power, and easiness. Through balancing these forces, e-tailers fulfill business goals and create a joyful user experience, so customers want to return again and again.

But what should you do to enhance your business? The answer is: act like a solicitous parent and treat each customer as your beloved child.


#1 Your customer, just like a curious child, is attracted by bright images


Easy Categories
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Every child prefers bright images to boring words. The same way customers should be attracted by catchy elements of website design. In online business, it only takes a few seconds for a potential customer to decide whether to stay on your site or to go somewhere else. So don't let them surf away!

Make sure that you do everything to grab and hold your customers’ attention. Use eye-catching images for cataloging system to inform your customers in attractive way what this or that category includes.

Optimize the user experience with the Easy Categories Magento module by introducing product categories to your visitors so that they could rapidly find what they want.

The strong features of Easy Categories include an ability to specify the image with your category listings and its size. You can place categories on any page of a store and dispose them in the columns or lines. So in a few simple steps, you can provide your customers with an overview of what your store has to offer.


#2 Your customer, just like a capricious child, wants everything and at once


If the child tries to find something and he can’t, probably he will give up in a few minutes. The same way customers act.

If you run a really large store, your customers can face the difficulties in finding something they want. Don’t let your customers waste their time in vain. Give them an effective search tool so that they could find any of the products in your store within a few seconds.

Advanced Search is a perfect solution for Magento-based stores, it replaces standard Magento search and uses Sphinx, an external search engine. As the result, search works much faster, the server load is decreased, and the results become more trustworthy.

The Advanced Search Magento extension searches through the catalog as well as blog posts, has a built-in lexical analyzer, so all you need is just install it and let your customers enjoy it!
Advanced Search
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#3 Your customer, just like a lazy child, needs everything to be as simple as ABC


AJAX Catalog
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Do you know children who like to rack their brains on how to do this or that stuff? The same way customers don’t like to spend their time and energy on things that could have been simplified by store owner.

So, as the owner of your online store, you are empowered to present your products in the best way possible.

The AJAX Catalog module is an innovative alternative for page-to-page catalog view.

This Magento extension makes store surfing much faster and more convenient. It works for the catalog, search, and tag filtered pages, and what’s even better - you have an ability to define the type of your store items displaying.

With the AJAX Catalog Magento extension, you can create a dynamic and user-friendly view of store.


#4 Your customer, just like an impatient child, is eager to know what’s next


Children are impatient when it comes to what they are interested in. The same way customers are impatient, when they are surfing your Magento store. Endless browsing back and forth, reloading pages, losing track of information – all this usually causes online store leaving.

Structural and interactive design shows that your store is service-oriented. It’s important for your online store to have a professional look.

So another solution for the dilemma of loading additional pages and handy navigation when browsing between product pages is to use the Previous/Next Magento extension.

With a single click, customers can move between product pages and come back to the category page only when necessary without loading additional pages. In that way store surfing becomes easy and convenient for your customers.

The Previous/Next module enhances the usability of your online store and makes the buying process extremely comfortable.
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The cycle of the return visits and repeat purchases can be interrupted by poor presentation and usability. Just keep in mind a simple rule: “Take care of your customers or someone else will.”