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Twitter is 8 Years Old. Perfect Age for Enhancements

For the Magento community Twitter is the main platform for communication and we really like it. 

Last Friday Twitter celebrated its eighth birthday and we’d like to remind you some amazing and, hopefully, useful facts about Twitter, and reveal its plans for the future.

On its birthday Twitter released a service, where users can check their the “first ever tweet”. We used it, and the result looks really nostalgically.

Eight Years of Tweeting

What are the results of these eight years?

  • Twitter value is more than $30 billion (Source: Yahoo News);

  • It has more than one billion registered users and 250 million monthly active users, which send about 500 million tweets a day (According to Twitter);

  • Average number of tweets per Twitter user - 307 (Source: Mediabistro);

  • 16% of U.S. Internet users are on Twitter. (Source: Mediabistro)

It’s really impressive, isn’t it? You will be surely more impressed by the greatest Twitter accounts:

  1. Katty Perry @katyperry Followers – 51.717.622;

  2. Justin Bieber @justinbieber – 50 489 106;

  3. Barack Obama @BarackObama – 42.213.149;

  4. ...

We also decided to check Twitter accounts of some eCommerce platforms (see the results below).

  1. Shopify – 93.954;

  2. Magento @magento – 42.951;

  3. Volusion – 33.032;

  4. Prestashop – 15.030;

  5. Virtuemart – 3.530;

  6. osCommerce – 2.334.

How did these brands become so successful on Twitter?

Tweet regularly
Regular tweets show that the account is live and, if it is a commercial account, visitors transfer this impression to the brand, as nobody wants to deal with “dead” brands. You should always answer your visitors’ questions and do it in a positive manner. Social networks do not like negative atmosphere.

Ask for tweets
Asking for tweets is okay on Twitter and it is an effective tactics gaining many new followers. Active work with opinion leaders of your industry will shortly make your brand trustworthy and discussed.

Retweet and favorite
You should often retweet others’ relevant tweets, as it positions you as a leader within your industry, who takes care about its development and promotion.

Hashtag trends
The easiest way to associate an account with recent trends is tagging your tweets. However, recent researches indicate that multiple tags may harm you much. Micro notifications on Twitter can not cover multiple subjects and numerous hashtags are usually not relevant.

Use images
Images are perceived better than text, in most cases, and we can’t ignore this feature of human psychology.

Twitter integration
Twitter integration with other media channels and selling facilities connects audience segments and creates joint marketing space for your brand.

Magento Sociable Share Buttons

And it is not only applicable for Twitter. Multiple social media networks bring great referral traffic and send many positive signals to search engines about your site. Amid this, Magento store owners may take advantages of the Sociable extension, which allows your site visitors to share any page of your Magento store on any social networking site.

The mentioned above options, properly implemented and tuned, will help you make Twitter account valuable for customers and effective for brands, as most users associate Twitter with a social network for business.

Twitter’s Future Plans

For now Twitter anticipates some decrease of growth and tries to overcome it implementing new ideas, which aim to make Twitter more intuitive and simple for newcomers.  One of the most controversial recent plans is to get rid of #hashtags and @-replies. This or any other, we will definitely witness some sweeping changes on Twitter soon.

However, today the role of social media for sales is being revised considerably.  Merchants gradually recognize that social media networks usually do not bring purchases, and can be used just for communications with customers and as a media channel for brands. Nevertheless, we should admit that for more than 20 years since their inception social networks have definitely changed our lives and businesses.