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Update Refer a Friend to v.2.1 and Limit Rule Triggering

Refer a Friend is considered to be the most powerful referral system for Magento. Its mechanism is quite simple – existing consumers invite friends and get % or flat rate discount for referrals. The amount of rewards is specified by store administrator.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is an efficient tool for conversion of customers into partners. Encouraged by attractive discounts clients attract all possible friends and relatives to join the store community. As a result consumers save money, store owners get more clients who are also eager to get discounts for referred people. This process can become endless and cause a stable revenue growth.

The Refer a Friend extension version 2.1 with the long-expected trigger limit feature is out. Let’s look at all enhancements:

Limit the number of fixed discounts a referrer earns for purchases of one referral
Trigger limit specifies how many times purchases of one referral bring fixed discounts to a referrer. For example, limit "$10 for 3 items" rule triggering by 2 times. In this case, a referrer will get $20 in total when a referral purchases 6 products. If a referral buys more, a referrer will not be rewarded according to this rule anymore.

Create New Rule

"Save remainder for later usage" option
Now you can define whether rule conditions can be achieved per single or multiple referrals transactions. If the option is enabled, the amount/quantity of purchased items will be split into several orders.

Improved Manage Rules grid
The grid was changed for the convenience of usage.

Manage Rules grid

Try the demo, see more screenshots and update the module on the Refer a Friend product page.