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You Ask - We Answer. aheadWorks Support FAQ

Editors note:We continue posting about aheadWorks support service. This time there will be more practical advices and useful tips. We want to show our customers and all Magento users that support ticket submission is necessary only in exceptional cases.

Yoг might know that we created and constantly fill up a section of our e-commerce store called Kbase or Knowledge Base. This section aims at answering the most frequent customers’ questions regarding our extensions. In this post we will examine some of these questions and if you have any that are not covered by this article, please, refer to our Kbase.

Answers to questions for those who plan to buy our extensions.

1. I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

No, you don’t. According to our license agreement you can use your license for one live Magento installation regardless the number of stores within this installation.

2. What is the Support Period, how does it work?

The Product Support covers the next options:

a) Access to and installation availability of 3 most recent modules versions (incl. the ones released during the support period);

b) Free technical support (during the period).

Currently, we provide time-limited support period. It is defined by a customer during the purchase. You can re-activate it any time and only for 30% of initial product price.

3. Do you have demo/trial versions of your products?

We do provide demo sites. Depending on the functionality of the extension it can be frontend, backend demo or both. And we provide free trials for our Enterprise Extensions.

4. Are your products compatible with my Magento version?

You can find this information in the compatibility block provided for each extension.

For example, you have Magento Community version. So, if you see this version mentioned in the compatability block, the module is compatible with you Magento. If you see, for example,  only ver. mentioned in the block, then the module is likely compatible, as and are the versions of the same brunch. And if you see no compatibility confirmation with any version of Magento from your branch (you see only, for instance), the module is not compatible with your Magento ver.

5. If I buy an extension, how would I get it?

You can get it from the “My Products” section of your personal account page. The extension becomes available when  the order is completed. Remember that some gateways, PayPal, for instance, take up to three days for order completion.

For those who have already made their purchase.

1. Is it possible to reassign the license to a third-party?

Yes, it is possible. We only need confirmation from both sides. However, we advise merchants to make purchases by themselves to avoid product access issues.

2. I need an invoice for my last order, where can I find it?

You can print it out from: Personal account page -> My orders -> View order -> Invoices.

3. How can I upgrade the extension to the latest version?

You can download the latest version of an extension from your personal account: My account -> My products. Remember, you have access only to the versions released during the Product Support Period. If it is over, it would be required to prolong it in order to get access to the latest versions.

4. My support period has expired, but I have discovered a bug in your extension. How do I get it fixed?

We guarantee lifetime product bug fixing. So, you can fix it regardless of support time expiration, if it is a real bug.

5. Where can I find the extension license key?

We do not use license keys as a security measure.

6. I purchased a product but I can't download the package, why?

Your payment might have been delayed by PayPal, for example, or any other provider. aheadWorks is not related to any payment review procedure and doesn't have any influence upon it.

Other questions

1. Why can't I download the pre-ordered extension right after the purchase?

Pre-order extensions have not yet been released. That’s why they are pre-orders. You can download it only after the final release. Pre-orders are sold with certain discounts. This is their advantage over regular purchases.

2. Is aheadWorks store empowered with your own modules?

Yes, we use over 15 own modules in our store.

Useful tips

1. How to re-index data?

You can do it from here: Backend -> System -> Index Management. You do not need to re-login after the reindexing.

2. How to clear the cache?

Here is the path: Backend -> System-> Cache Management. You should re-login after the procedure. It is a recommended operation after extension’s installation or uninstallation. The best way would be to flush your Magento cache by deleting all the content in \var\cache\ folder.

3. How to manage the compilation option?

Compilation is an internal Magento process which allows creating a single include path for Magento performance optimization. It is necessary to disable compilation mode before any extension installation. After that you should run the process again.

4. How to enable error and exception logging in Magento?

Default Magento configuration doesn’t provide errors logging. You can enable it here: System -> Configuration -> Developer -> Log Settings. Remember, logging also requires setting up full folder permissions (777) for /var/log folder.

5. How to make a database backup?

For this purpose you can use native Magento functionality: Backend -> System -> Tools -> Backups -> Create Backup button.

6. File system permissions

Common recommendations for Magento file and folders are the following: chmod 644 for files and chmod 755 for directories.

These brief answers to most common questions will help you install and use our extensions without any doubts and hesitations. If you seek more detailed information, please, refer to our Knowledge base.

P.S. If you have some additional questions you can ask them here in our blog or through our support desk. Your questions and remarks help us make our products better!