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Use Automated Price Match Request Approvals and Save Your Time

The Price Match Magento ExtensionPrice, of course, is the most convincing argument for customers while purchasing.

The Price Match extension allows you to bring prices in line with the prices offered by competitors. Your price changes for certain or all customers are based on the information they provide you and thus, you can not only retain clients but also carry out competitive analysis.

Price Match v.2.1 has several new and valuable features, which will considerably save your time and give you even more insights.

 New Features

Automatically accept requests within a selected interval
Price match functionality is beneficial for both sides: merchants and customers. But if price match requests are numerous, manual management and approval can take much time. This feature allows you to set acceptable discount intervals within which price match requests can be automatically approved.

Magento Price Match

Automated Price Match Requests Approvals Configuration

'Customer Groups' column in the ‘Price Match Requests’ table
This feature will help you take a more reasonable decision as you see the group of customers who send requests. Thus, you will confidently understand if this request deserves your approval or not.

Magento Price Match

'Customers Groups' column

"I'd like to pay for it” field
“I’d like to pay for it” field allows customers to input the price for the product they are ready to pay in your store. This price may differ from the competitors’ price due to non-price factors customers take into account.

Magento Price

'I'd like to pay for it' field. Frontend.

You can enable this field from the backend.

Magento Price

I'd like to pay for it' field. Backend.

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