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Welcome Our August Product Updates

Now, when the new high commercial season starts gaining momentum, we’d like to present you our latest product updates.

Welcome August Updates

The new features are going to be useful for both our existing customers and perspectives, so we welcome you to note some Magento extensions able to make your stores good and ready for new sales.

Magento Gift Card / Certificate extensionGift Card / Certificate 2.0.3

Gift cards become especially popular during holiday seasons, so this extension receives some valuable features just in time.

Backend Gift Card Orders

From this very moment Magento admins are able to create the orders containing gift card products directly from the backend. This functionality is necessary, when you process offline gift card requests, e.g. by phone or from physical stores.

Backend Gift Card Redeems

Furthermore, with the latest Gift Card / Certificate extension Magento admins are able to apply gift card codes to new orders from the backend, as well. This way, they can both sell gift cards and sell products using gift card codes from the backend.

How It Helps

This functionality widens your chances to accept and process offline gift card requests and allows you to improve provided services. Below we’ll enumerate just several cases you can take advantage of this functionality in:

  • Let customers purchase and use gift cards offline;

  • Let customers check their gift card balances in one call;

  • Create corporate gift cards with specific features;

  • Allow customers to restore lost or stolen gift cards.

You certainly have a lot of other ideas how to get more of the gift card functionality in your Magento store. And, we would be just happy you could share them with us. Please contact us any way you like and we’ll feature your cases in our blog and social media.

Magento Ultimate SEO Suite extensionUltimate SEO Suite 1.3.8

Backend Environment Translations

Sometimes English is not the best option as a working language, e.g. for the employees without essential English background. In this case, you can utilize our ad-hoc translation file in CSV, where you can provide translations of the extension's functionality for certain Magento locales. This file is available for all of our extensions, including Ultimate SEO Suite.

How It Helps

We’ll give you an example of just a few companies that use several working languages in their daily operations (Source: Wikipedia):

English and French:

  • Council of Europe.

English, French and Spanish:

  • World Trade Organization;

  • International Labor Organization;

  • NAFTA.

Of course, there are even more global trading companies using several working languages simultaneously, and we hope that you will also need this functionality soon :)

Magento Blog ExtensionBlog 1.3.18 (Free)

<H> Tags Structure Optimizations

In this version of our Blog, following the requests of our customers, we optimized the structure of <H> tags, including:

  • H2 replaced with H1 for post titles on post pages (post. html);

  • The H2 tag replaced with <div> in the post widget (widget_post.html).

How It Helps

As far as <H> tags are considered by Google to be serious SEO factors, their structure optimization positively influence ranking results and able to bring more convertible traffic to your Magento store.

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