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Easy Journey with Layered Navigation 1.1 for Magento 2

It certainly takes time, but we steadily make our Magento 2 extensions more capable and conforming to all Magento development requirements.

Cleaner code, optimized structure, full compatibility with Magento 2 - these are the main new characteristics we add, and they are worth those efforts for sure.

Make the Trip Easy with Updated Layered Navigation

This time we announce the next Layered Navigation 1.1 for Magento 2 stores.

The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2Layered Navigation Refactoring

Advanced functionality is nothing without high-quality code, like a powerful engine is useless on a weak frame.

All the under-the-hood enhancements of Layered Navigation 1.1 greatly improve the quality and performance of the extension. These changes are not so noticeable, but they take the extension to the next level and make it a high-end product.

Extension Structure Improvements

The whole structure of the extension was revised and optimized according to the Magento recommendations. We got rid of all precarious development practices able to provide any rough going during the implementations on next Magento versions.

This makes easier both our lives and your chances to move to next Magento versions without any issues. Moreover, the class structure of the extension became more logical that simplifies its support and customization.

Code Optimizations

Before the refactoring stage the code of extension was a bit complex, so we truncated all excessive fragments without any functionality or productivity losses.

Unit Tests

From now on, the module is covered with unit tests almost entirely that makes it reliable and prepared for further development and customizations.

Other Improvements

We have also implemented some other basic improvements for the Layered Navigation code, including the acceptance of static testing requirements and Magento staging functionality compatibility (for Enterprise Edition only).
The final purpose of the extension refactoring was to make it ready for further Magento updates and provide you with the product aligning closely to the latest Magento coding mainstream.

New Features

However, refactoring is not the only adjustment made available within the current update. Layered Navigation 1.1 also received some valuable functionality refinements making it especially useful for large and customized Magento 2 stores.

AJAX-based Result Updates

In the current version of the extension we have expanded the AJAX implementation area and added the opportunity to refresh filtering results with the AJAX-powered overlay.

Enable AJAX Option

Enable AJAX Option

The new ‘Enable AJAX’ backend option allows you to to take advantage of the above functionality. As a result page reloads become much faster and allow customers to filter products on the spot.

AJAX Filtering Performance Enhancements

Moreover, the productivity of AJAX-based requests increased greatly due to the product search algorithm optimization. According to our estimations, the databases containing 10K + products are now processed 4-5 times faster than ever before.

LESS Styles

The latest Layered Navigation extension uses LESS instead of CSS styles making front end customizations of the navigation and popover blocks more convenient. Now, you only need to change the values of required variables in the LESS-file to change margins, colors and sizes of buttons, etc. Now all styles are placed in one file and you do not need to walk thru the code looking for them scattered around.

LESS styles also open up new possibilities for seamless integration of the Layered Navigation module and Magento themes.


The changes above improved the quality of the extension greatly and made it compliant with most of the best Magento 2 coding practices. This allows you to easily customize the extension according to your needs without any significant Magento compatibility issues.

The provided AJAX functionality accelerates the products filtering process and make it convenient for customers.

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