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Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2: Take the Product You Like

All over the sales process merchants overcome the distrust typical of all customers as far as they unconsciously expect some pitfalls and disappointments regarding their purchases. The smartest decision on this way is to provide them with some respected opinions expressed by similar shoppers.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2: Take the Product You Like

We’ve already took advantage of this idea in several marketing Magento 2 extensions, e.g. Who Bought this Also Bought and Product Questions. And, here comes one more customer-oriented Magento 2 module able to advise confidentially and persuade softly - Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed for Magento 2

This module is especially beneficial for the customers looking for the best value for their money. In order to make the most optimal decision they need to consider all options and Who Viewed This Also Viewed provides them with this very opportunity.

The core idea of the extension is pretty simple as it analyzes previous page views and suggests alternatives to the currently browsed product. Most of the work is made behind the scenes, still Magento 2 admins have several important configuration options in their hands. Below we’ll discuss them in more detail.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Frontend

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Frontend

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Features

Alternative Related Products

Who viewed this also viewed provides a convincing logic since it is based on automatic processing of customers’ shopping behavior within the store. Visitors realize that the suggested products are not appointed by the owner, but reflect the pattern of the other shoppers’ choice. Intuitively, this understanding makes them trust these offers more than other related product suggestions.

Among other things, the module allows you to adjust suggestions according to your preferences. You can either display most viewed products or their up-sell alternatives; show directly related items or some product addons.

Responsive Layout

Traditionally, frontend oriented Magento 2 extensions by Ahaeadworks are mobile friendly and have responsive layout. The Who Viewed This Also Viewed is not an exception.

Depending on the number of suggested products and screen size the module displays the greatest possible number of product images. For the purpose it can either exploit responsive image sliders with the “swipe images” functionality or just static product grids. You can select the option you need from the backend.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Responsive Layout

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Responsive Layout

Processing Data Volumes

In a nutshell, Who Viewed This Also Viewed follows each customer session, detects most common browsing paths and most viewed product pages by guest and registered customers, and only then it generates suggestions. So, if you’ve got a lot of visitors and products in your store you will certainly need to limit the volume of analyzed data in order to make the process more fluent.

You can do the thing from the module’s configuration section located under Stores -> Configuration -> Aheadworks Extensions -> Who Viewed This Also Viewed. The feature allows you to process last sessions for a certain number of days. The less days you follow the shorter is the processing time.

tipsNote:  If you leave the text field empty, the module will process the entire sessions database.

Configured Position and Layout

The module’s Configuration section contains a few more setting options, including block names, positions and layouts.

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Configuration

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Configuration

The block name text field allows you to specify the name of the provided related product block visible on the frontend.

You can also determine the block position with several predefined options, including:

  • Instead of native Related Products block;

  • Instead of native Up-Sells block;

  • Before native Related Products block;

  • Before native Up-Sells block;

  • After native Related Products block;

  • After native Up-Sells block;

  • Content top;

  • Content bottom.

And finally, you can display either a slider or grid as the related products block with the Block Layout option.

Product Filtering Options

In the case you need to filter the items displayed as most viewed products you can take advantage of the corresponding configuration options.

The Suggest Products from One Category Only option allows you to limit the displayed products to the currently browsed product category. And, if you’d like to offer some most viewed up-sells, you can select ‘Yes’ in the Suggest Products Only with Price Higher than Price of Current Product drop down selector.

The above configuration will obviously take only several minutes from you to be set up properly. Still, immediately after the configuration customers will benefit from the suggestions inspired by the visitors of your store.


The Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension for Magento 2 is available in our store for consideration and purchase. You can also walk through the provided documentation and try it in action in the frontend and backend demos.