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Why video testimonials matter

In search of effective ways of product advertising and introduction, you can come across various ideas – either outdated and hackneyed or new and progressive. It has been already said and written a lot about time-proved, popular methods. So let's consider the spin-ups, namely video testimonials – short video clips demonstrating products’ features, your services provided, and whatever else.

We have found this idea really valuable and decided to give Magento-based store owners an opportunity to use it on their sites. We have thoroughly learnt this way of information presentation and come to the conclusion that video testimonials should serve several purposes at once:

1. Product demonstration

Item introductions bring items to life. It is the key element while selling your products as it demonstrates their capabilities and the best features. One video can easily replace or supplement the many-lines description as it possesses the strong effect of visualization clarity.

2. Service demonstration

A video is an effective way of demonstrating the service your company provides. A creative, vivid, truly absorbing promo video influences watchers’ emotions (and – as consequence – decisions) much stronger than verbal description. It has been well said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

3. Express customers’ impressions

Testimonials are quotations from satisfied customers and clients. Let people tell of their experience with your products and post their own video testimonials for the others to see. Potential customers are really interested about already-triers’ experience.

4. Promote your store in YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular video-sharing sites on the web. A possibility to make video from your site available on YouTube as well means the constant flow of new-comers to your store - people will search video clips and come across you and your site.

5. Increase sales

Whether you upload video introductions by yourself or allow your customers to do it, the “WOW” factor produces an indelible impression on prospective customers, makes your site memorable and sets you apart from the competition.

Having analyzed the information collected and singled out the key features required, we implemented them in the newly released Video Testimonials extension.

If you want to know how all the above-mentioned goals can be achieved with this aheadWorks module, please visit the Video Testimonials page where you can read detailed description, watch screenshots and try how the extension works as if it had been installed on your store.