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Z-Blocks 2.2.3 – now with widgets and variables support

An ability to add widgets and variables provides Magento 1.4* store owners with ample opportunity of adding any dynamic content on store pages. Since 2.2.3 version, the Z-Blocks extension supports this native Magento feature as well.

Now you can use a large list of variables and get certain data inserted automatically within your z-blocks – general contact name and address, sales representative contact name and address, store contact telephone, etc. Thus the information can be easily edited once for all blocks instead of having to update each z-block.

Widgets support makes work with the Z-Blocks extension and your store easier. Now every non-technical administrator of your website can add new, recently compared, recently viewed product lists to the block content and insert links to categories or CMS pages.

In the 2.2.3 version, the following bug has been fixed as well:

  • Wrong image inserting

Please, visit the Z-Blocks page to get more information about this extension.