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100% Working Ideas for Great Content Learned from the Best Blogs

Today everyone knows that you can’t build a successful online business without running a corporate blog or something else for the same purpose.

Blog is a communication channel with your customers and visitors, where you can always share your ideas and plans, learn customers’ needs or just enjoy pleasant talks and hear praises from your most loyal clients.

But, keeping readers happy and satisfied with your content is a tough challenge as you need to precisely know their interests and current trends of content marketing in your field to succeed. So, if you at least once felt desperate to find a brilliant idea for your writings, this post is exactly for you.

Best Topics for Your Future Content

We analyzed more than 200 posts from four great ecommerce blogs – GetElastic, KISSmetrics Blog, Shopify Blog, and Econsultancy Blog, - and aggregated most engaging topics for your convenience. You can use them as starting points for new article ideas and be sure that they are the most trending subjects for now.

The diagram below reflects the topics, which collected the biggest number of shares (500 shares per post and more) in social media from the mentioned above blogs during the latest time.

Diagram 1. Most Shared Topics in Social Media

As the chart shows, Content Marketing is the most popular and engaging topic for all blogs. Useful and encouraging content today is of much importance since it also becomes a priority ranking factor for search engines. In confirmation of this consider that the SEO topic takes only the fifth position in our chart.

The second place belongs to different ecommerce publications, which is a natural interest for online merchants.

Readers also pay much attention to User Experience and Internet Marketing, prominent Use Cases, Mobile Commerce, SMM, Omni channel sales, and Big Data. These are Top ten trending topics online, which you can confidently exploit for you future successful articles.

Most of the presented results seem to be just clear and pretty expected. The only thing, which suddenly drew our attention, is Pinterest, which takes the twelfth position and is much higher than Twitter, for example. So, take a closer look at Pinterest in your writings.

Next, we went deeper and tried to find out some specific features typical for the blogs under consideration and found that their content strategy differs greatly, in some cases.



For example, GetElastic widely publishes infographics and makes it truly successfully. 59% of most popular posts on GetElastic are infographics, so it seems that this format attracts readers and they really like it.

18% of successful posts contain the following type of titles: “10+ best ways … “, “20+ efficient tactics”, etc.

The best topics on GetElastic differ a bit from the average results and are mostly concentrated on Ecommerce, Omni channel Sales, and Customer Analysys.

Table 1. GetElastic Content Strategy Analysis

KISSmetrics Blog

The KISSmetrics Blog content strategy expressed in our evaluation parameters significantly differs from the previous participant. The share of infographics is much lower and takes only 8%, but the mentioned above intriguing title construction is much more frequent and takes 40% among all popular posts.

Best topics in this blog are very close to the average results and Content Marketing indisputably leads here. Examine the table below, please.

Table 2. KISSmetrics Blog Content Strategy Analysis

Shopify Blog

Shopify is mostly concentrated on user experience, rarely uses infographics, but widely exploits the “10+ best…” title constructions in its articles.

Table 3. Shopify Blog Content Strategy Analysis


Econsultansy is the first blog in our survey, which has no infographics among most popular blog posts. The most engaging content it uses leans towards Content Marketing and SEO topics, and the analyzed title construction is found in 41% of cases.

Table 4. Econsultancy Content Strategy Analysis

Disclaimer: This survey was solely conducted by aheadWorks and based on a subjective classification of posts. The obtained results are not intended to reflect an indisputable accuracy.


As you can see the scope of most popular topics, consider them as readers’ interests, is pretty small and comprises only 5 blasting topics, which take 49% of all most popular articles from the analyzed blogs.

However, great content needs great titles, just like a signboard on which depends your door to be opened or not. Efficient titles should include appealing constructions and contain teasing words (conversions, success, quality, future, etc.) and phrases (performance matters …, everything you need to know …, shocking facts …, etc.).

Note that infographics are a very efficient format of posts and enthusiastically perceived by readers.

And one more thing we should note that Twitter users are most active on all mentioned above blogs, so it seems to be the best social media for a great engagement.

Annex. Best Examples of Great Posts




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