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eCommerce Management Tips

4 B2B and B2C eCommerce Management Tips to Increase Your Sales

Aheadworks Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce technology provider that builds its end-to-end platform around what’s most important — the customer. So, as a merchant, you need to offer a better experience to your clients that they can't live without. And to achieve this goal, we created Aheadworks Commerce Cloud so you can easily provide a buying experience your customers will love. Here’s what we learned about B2B eCommerce Management, and what you can do to ride the tide.


  • Customer Segmentation 

Сustomer segmentation is simply a process where you divide customers into groups based on common attributes, such as size, channel, or digital maturity. This makes it easier to prioritize client needs and select the most important online features that meet their pain points. 


  • Provide high-level online customer service

Let your customers know that they can always ask for help and their request will not be ignored. Especially for this case, the AW Cloud provides the Sales Representative functionality. 76%of B2B buyers find it helpful when they are researching a new product or service to speak with a salesperson.

When configuring the sales representative you need to assign one of the managers to the role of a personal manager in a store. You can also assign them to customer groups or individual customers, companies.


  • Integrating content with commerce

Aheadworks Commerce Cloud includes Blog functionality, a simple content management system that gives business users the ability to create blog posts, authors, categories.

Besides Blog functionality into AW Cloud integrated Questions management module. After answering a question a few times, store representatives may want to compose an article with step-by-step instructions on how to avoid it.. So customers can easily find answers to the most common and urgent questions in a convenient way. 

So, by using these functionalities you allow your customers to know more about your store. You can publish informative blog posts, manage FAQs, etc. 


  • Different types payments support

Offer different payment methods to your customers. Payment Restrictions is the tool to specify flexible payment methods available on the checkout page with regard to customers' belonging to particular customer groups, as pre-configured on your store.

Leveling up your eCommerce store is so much more than getting products to existing customers. If you save your customers time, they’ll go back again and again. The goal of Aheadworks Commerce Cloud is to enable businesses to move forward quickly, in the eCommerce sphere targeting both B2B and B2C audiences. 

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