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Advanced Logic: "With Commercial Leads from aheadWorks We Are Expanding Our Business Overseas"

Hi there! If you think Italy is just pizza and football, well, it's not. We talk with Davide Consonni, CEO of Advanced Logic, about a proper customer communication, Magento popularity in Italy and the partnership with aheadWorks, of course.

aW: Hi Davide! How are you? Relaxing at the sun or hard-working?

Davide: Hi Dmitri, we are still working as this has been a heavy demanding year for eCommerce. But I hope to be able to spend two holiday weeks with my family in August. :-)

aW: Please share with our readers some words about your company.

Davide: We are a digital agency focused on the development of eCommerce projects with Magento. We are Magento enthusiasts, and we like to define ourselves this way.

We started working on the platform about 4 years ago and now Magento is what all of us know: the most used and appreciated eCommerce platform in the world.

With Magento we develop an average of 10-12 complete projects per year and we manage numerous activities for our existing clients and for the new customers who decide to rely on us for the maintenance of their online stores.

We are Magento Solution Partner for the second consecutive year and we will continue investing time and resources in the platform as it is our core business.

aW: Why did you decide to become aheadWorks partner?

Davide: We have integrated aheadWorks extensions in our projects since years. aheadWorks is now the main Magento modules vendor and we are proud to be a Partner of yours.

Thanks to the commercial leads that we receive from aheadWorks we are also expanding our business overseas, that is very interesting.


As far as it concerns Italy, Magento is very popular here. As it is known, the eCommerce allows to propose a commercial offer in a global market and the "made in Italy" products deserve a particular attention all around the world. This leads to an ever growing number of merchants to create online stores to sell their products worldwide.

Compared to the other eCommerce platforms, Magento is a more powerful system with an extended set of features and possibilities of functional expansion. This is the reason why several well-known Italian brands have also decided to adopt Magento (CE or EE) as their eCommerce platform of choice.

aW: You're pretty good at custom development leads you receive as a Partner. The clients are very satisfied with your work. How do you manage to be so cool?

Davide: Thanks! :D I think that there are three words to describe the characteristics of our team: skills, commitment and responsiveness. The competences have been acquired by us thanks to the numerous Magento projects developed so far. The commitment and the responsiveness are part of our DNA and come from our big respect for our clients, who require diligence and speed.

aW: Do you work with international clients?

DavideMagento is a platform with a global reputation and this also helps digital agencies to find clients overseas. Other than for the Italian market, we work for clients in Australia, the United States and the UK.

A particularly interesting market in which we have just entered is the Chinese one, where eCommerce is having a huge development and where there is a growing demand for qualified Magento developers.

aW: What's the most important thing to focus on when helping customers meet their goals?

Davide: One of the key factors of success of an eCommerce site is, undoubtedly, establishing a good communication channel with the client before, during and after the release of the project.

Online merchants need to have an interlocutor to deal with in order to ask questions, share strategies, plan the next steps and the lack of a proper communication exchange cannot contribute to achieve the main (and common) goal of the project: to start selling and get a return on the investment in the shortest possible time.

aW: Do you have any Magento certified developers in your team?

Davide: Two of our lead developers will take the Magento certification this summer.

We consider the Magento certification an important step for a developer to prove and promote his level of knowledge of the platform.

aW: How do you see the partnership with aW in 3 years from now?

Davide: Considering the number of the sites that integrate the aheadWorks modules, the interest in remaining and extending the Partnership with you is very high as this means for us increasing our business opportunities and our skills on your suite of extensions.

Partnership with aheadWorks

Only this year we have worked on several customizations of some of the hottest aheadWorks products, as SaRP, Points & Rewards, Advanced Reports and iPhone Theme.

aW: Any advice you might like to share with our readers?

Davide: Choosing the correct agency and a team that can provide quick answers to complex requests is a key element for the success of an eCommerce. But it is also important for the store owners to have good knowledge of their market and be involved in the project in the appropriate manner.

Based on our experience, the most successful eCommerce case histories are those where strong technology skills meet enthusiast customers, experts in their products.

aW: Thanks Davide and good luck!