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Aheadworks EULA Revision

Recently Aheadworks has revised the End User Licence Agreement terms coming into force on October 15, 2016.

Be sure to check all the changes and contact us if you have any questions regarding unclear clauses.

Aheadworks EULA Revision

Main Changes and Additions

  • Formatting and language makeover that brings the document up to the current legal standard;

  • Clauses that clarify the specifics of extensions use by website developers;

  • Detailed description of usage restrictions and exceptions from these restrictions;

  • Warranty and Liability terms;

  • Clauses that clarify what kind of customer data may be used by Aheadworks for marketing and technical purposes;

  • Software use monitoring terms.

In fact, most of the changes and additions were in force before the update provided by general laws and now they are just brought together in one record.

Agreement Structure and Contents in Brief


  • Licence rights;

  • Licence terms;

  • Licence restrictions;

  • Exceptions of the restrictions.

Fees and Payments

  • Licence fees and payment clarifications.

Copyright Restrictions


  • Description of the confidential information under this Agreement;

  • Confidential information exceptions;

  • Confidential information period termination;

  • Confidential information ownership.


  • Warranty terms;

  • Warranty exceptions.

Liability Limitations

  • Aheadworks liability;

  • Liability limitations.

Consent of Data Use

  • Customer data in use by Aheadworks;

  • The ways to use customer data;

  • Customer feedback data in use;

  • Data in use protection.

Software Use Monitoring

  • Software use monitoring allowance;

  • Penalties for unauthorized use.

Amendments to This Agreement


  • Agreement termination terms and obligations;

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution


  • Notices;

  • Force Majeure;

  • Severability;

  • Assignment;

  • etc.

The full content of the Agreement is provided online in our official store.

If you have any questions on this agreement, please contact our customer service team ([email protected]).

Continued use of the products by Aheadworks constitutes your agreement to the new contractual terms.