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Magento 2 Extension Update: Automatic Related Products 1.1

We started creating Magento 2 extensions from the very appearance of the new platform or even earlier.

Now comes the next development stage, when we start updating most of our Magento 2 products in bulk without forgetting to add new extensions to our portfolio.
Throughout the whole renovation process we strive to both add new features and get closer to the best Magento 2 development practices and code recommendations as much as possible. So, today we continue to describe the host of lately updated Magento 2 extensions with the Automatic Related Products module. Automatic Related Products 1.1 was thoroughly refactored and received several new features.

New Features

Override Automatic Related Products with Native Magento 2 Related Products

Sometimes, even though you utilize the extension’s functionality all over the whole store, you possibly need to take advantage of the native related product suggestions specified for certain products. In this particular case, you can use both the functionalities simultaneously with the new feature of the extension.

ARP 2 1.1

Override Automatic Related Products Option

In order to exclude a certain page from processing by extension’s related product rules you just need to enable the Override Automatic Related Products option from the required product page in the backend. This allows you to show native Magento related products instead of our automatic suggestions for this particular product page.

Related Products on Category Pages

The current update further enhances the opportunities of the extension and offers two new related products block positions - Category Page. Content Top and Category Page. Content Bottom.

If selected, the above block positions change the Where to Display section of a new rule allowing you to conveniently select as many target catalog categories and subcategories as you need.

Category block position

Block Position Drop-down



Improved Architecture

Now, when the Magento 2 code architecture adopts its final form, we correct all ever used temporary solutions and align our code to the native Magento 2 pattern. This makes the code of our products ready to future Magento updates and refactoring.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are mandatory for our Magento 2 products and Automatic Related Products is no exception. Unit tests allow you to discover errors and dysfunctionalities of the tested code easily and get it ready to new Magento versions.


The provided new features and refactored code make Automatic Related Products 1.1 for Magento 2 a beneficial tool for effective onsite promotions, while the user-friendly backend interface simplifies its configuration and fine-tuning.

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