Aheadworks Extensions Fit Any Online Business

We continue the series of blog posts revealing the ways how different online stores take advantage of the Aheadworks Magento extensions.

This overview covers lightning, perfume and even hunting equipment online sellers. All the projects are are presented, developed and supported by our partner 121eCommerce.


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On average, the projects below use 3-7 Aheadworks extensions with a set of versatile functionality capabilities relevant to their particular business needs.

Lights Online

This company’s origin is a family-owned business with a 50-year history that started LightsOnline.com in 2009. The online store is based on Magento and includes 3 backend and 4 frontend related Aheadworks extensions.


Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports is entirely a backend extension providing Magento store owners with detailed sales information presented from different angles and in different contexts. This extension is a must-have analytical tool for any Magento store.

Magento Affiliate

Magento Affiliate is a great way to create an affiliate network and expand online presence. In fact, almost any business is able to benefit from the provided functionality.

Help Desk Ultimate

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extension is a great tool able to structurize the flow of support tickets, reduce the time required for their processing and provide customers with quick and professional help.

Most of the module’s activities are hidden from customers, still starting with their first message to the support team they already can specify statuses for their tickets and address them to required departments right from the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Help Desk Ultimate Features in the 'Contact Us' Form

Help Desk Ultimate Features in the ‘Contact Us’ Form

One Step Checkout

It is also a well known Magento functionality improvement allowing customers to checkout on a single page without additional page loads. The main functionality of the One Step Checkout extension by Aheadworks is supplemented with some useful extra fields to that page, including comments, newsletter subscriptions, coupon codes and even cross-sells.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout

On Sale + Product Labels

Appealing product labels are able to tell customers a lot about product statuses and promote them on site successfully. Lightsonline.com uses this functionality in catalogs however it can also be used on product pages. The main advantage of the module that it adds labels automatically based on specified rules and conditions and doesn’t require constant manual configuration.

Product Labels on Category Pages

Product Labels on Category Pages

Product Questions

With this extension customers are able to ask any questions right on product pages. Questions are answered both by admins and other customers and can be useful for any visitor.

Extra Downloads

However, if your comparatively short descriptions and Q&A sections unable to explain all the specifics of your products, you can take advantage of the Extra Downloads for Magento. The module allows you to attach files to product pages with extra explanations of product characteristics.

Get Your Perfume

Cosmetics and perfume stores are quite traditional for Magento, and if you are looking for your favorite fragrance online, GetYourParfume.com is a reliable and professional destination for that intent.

Get Your Perfume

The specific character of perfume business often defines most required Magento improvements just like in this case, when the store takes advantage of image sliders, the shop by brand functionality and checkout improvements.

Shop by Brand

The power of brands is significant for customer attraction and online sellers just have no chance to overlook this functionality in their stores. All the brands need to be properly presented and attractively described in order to strengthen the basic value of products and make them desirable for customers.

The Shop by Brand extension is perfectly suitable for this purpose allowing Magento store owners to create dedicated brand pages with neat logos and descriptions. The ‘All Brands’ and brand specific pages, brands in the top menu and in layered navigation, SEO enhancements – these are the main module’s features exploited by GetYourPerfum.com.

A Brand Page

A Brand Page

One Step Checkout

Convenient checkout is vital for any store, and when using some of its additional purchasing opportunities, it becomes just great. The checkout page of GetYourPerfume.com is both short, easy and allows customers to add comments and enter coupon codes. Of course, this additional benefit is appreciated by customers and makes them complete their orders willingly.

Image Slider

And, of course, no fashion or cosmetics online business is able to operate without fascinating images of beautiful people. So, the Image Slider extension is made to attract views and involve visitors into the new world full of flavors and aromas.

Bush Wear

The next project stands a bit aside from the traditional Magento business areas. BushWear is one of the most popular in the UK stalking and hunting footwear and clothing providers. Originally a brick and mortar seller, it moved online and now offers both digital and physical shopping experience.

Bush Wear

Catalog Permissions

Catalog Permissions are especially useful for the merchants managing both retail and wholesale sales or having some kind of tire loyalty programs. The module allows restricting access to certain products or categories or just hide certain prices.

Gift Card / Certificate

The gift card codes made with the Gift Card / Certificate extension can not be applied online on BushWear.co.uk. Recipients receive hard copies of gift vouchers and need to visit physical stores in order to redeem them. Perhaps, it is not too convenient, still sounds like a great reason to pay a visit and choose some long-wanted items. And, according to the submitted reviews, people really like to purchase gift vouchers from BushWear.

BushWear Gift Vouchers

BushWear Gift Vouchers

Shop by Brand

The store sells a lot of brands and it’s just necessary to organize them properly and provide customers with convenient and clear search opportunities. With the help of the extension BushWear created an all brands page and individual brand pages with logos and descriptions.

'All Brands' Page

‘All Brands’ Page

The brand pages are available from the top menu and the brands are allowed for filtering in the layered navigation. The brand pages contain layered navigation functionality as well, so if a brand product line is quite wide, it’s easy to filter required items out. Shop by Brand also creates SEO-friendly ‘All Brands’ and individual brand page URLs.


Selling online is a great challenge, but as it is sown above, many stores are able to make shopping a straightforward and inspiring experience. We thank 121eCommerce for the provided information and we are ready to hear from you more. Please share your works with us and we’ll be glad to highlight them in our blog.

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