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aheadWorks Newsletter – April 2013

I have a lot of information for you today in this April aheadWorks newsletter - new extension release, new service launch, new project start, posts worth your attention, and updated modules. But I won't drag my feet and start!



New Extension

Nowadays people are more likely to buy from companies they are confident about and whom they trust. That’s why visitors always pay attention to the manufacturer of the product and look for a reliable one.

The Shop By Brand Magento extension allows you to create new brands and connect products to them. So your customers have a possibility to find the necessary manufacturer with its items or recognize the brand that the required product belongs to.

Find the list of features and demo on the Shop By Brand page.

Shop By Brand





New Service


We are thrilled to present a free exclusive web-based functionality – OnPulse – allowing merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.


Read more in our blog or download the extension right now!



New Project


Not so long ago we released a promising project – Advisor for Magento Merchants – where merchants ask for some particular Magento extensions and vendors are here to supply them with various relevant references. Merchants describe their cases, specify extensions they are looking for and later review modules that vendors have to offer them.


Post your QUESTION right now and get ANSWER in minutes at the Advisor for Magento Merchants page!



Top Blog Posts


In our blog you can find a lot of different posts which cover various issues happening in eCommerce, Magento and aheadWorks worlds. Some of our posts are provided exclusively for our blog by high-class specialists. Here is a small list of some most discussed posts:


· The App Factory does not plan to compete with Magento Connect


· 3 big bonuses you lose if your support period is inactive


· Payment gateway changes will influence your subscriptions. What to expect?


· Migration to Magento: is it gonna be a bumpy ride?


· ‘Top 10 Magento Store Problems’ free User Guide




Updated Extensions


Lately, we have improved 18 our extensions. To make it easier for you, I separated all updates into 3 groups - Major, Middle, and Minor. Keep on reading and make sure you didn't miss anything really important!




Here you can find modules with the first figure changed in the version number, e.g. 2.0. Such change means an essential extension improvement or even a core rewrite.

Product Updates Notificationsv.2.0

Product Updates Notifications

6 features / 2 bugfixes
See changelog Buy Now

AJAX Cart Prov.3.0

AJAX Cart Pro

7 features
See changelog Buy Now

Price Matchv.2.0

Price Match

9 features
See changelog Buy Now






In this group, you can see the extensions with the second figure changed in the version number, e.g. 3.4. It means several important features have been implemented as well as bugs fixed.

Subscriptions and RecurringPayments v.1.9

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

4 features / 21 bugfixes
See changelog Buy Now

On Salev.2.4

On Sale

1 feature / 3 bugfixes
See changelog Buy Now

Help Desk Ultimatev.2.10

Help Desk Ultimate

7 features / 6 bugfixes
See changelog    Buy Now  

Points & Rewards 1.6

Points & Rewards

6 features / 6 bugfixes
See changelog Buy Now

Custom Stock Display 1.2

Custom Stock Display

1 feature / 1 bugfix
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Pop-up+ 1.2

Help Desk Ultimate

5 features / 1 bugfix
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Follow Up Email 3.5

Follow Up Email

8 features / 3 bugfixes
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Advanced Newsletter 2.3

Advanced Newsletter

4 features / 5 bugfixes
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RMA 1.4


3 features / 1 bugfix
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The following extensions have the third figure changed in their version number, e.g. 2.5.2. These are minor releases with small problems fix or slight enhancements:

iPhone Themev.1.6.1

iPhone Theme

5 features / 3 bugfixes
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AJAX Catalogv.1.0.5

AJAX Catalog

2 bugfixes
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Automatic Related Products 2v.2.3.1

Automatic Related Products

7 features / 6 bugfixes
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Magento Affiliatev.1.0.2

Magento Affiliate

3 features / 2 bugfixes
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1 feature / 2 bugfixes
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Product Updates Notificationsv.2.0.1

Product Updates Notifications

1 bugfix
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