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Customer Attributes Extension Is Available for Pre-order! Save 25% off the price until April, 12

'Customers come and go' – you have to take this simple piece of business wisdom for granted. In between coming and going they can register on your website and leave invaluable bits of private information that help you identify their traits. We want to assist you in collecting as much user data as possible and for this purpose we deliver the Customer Attributes extension.

Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes give merchants the ability to extend the number of fields on customer registration and personal account pages to have the additional info about clients at their disposal.

Save 25% on the extension from now through Friday, April 12! Pre-order Customer Attributes before its official release (a week from today) and pay $75 instead of $101.

We made it extremely easy to deal with Customer Attributes: no headache expected while installing and configuring the extension. The set of clearly defined features allows this extension to stand out among others of its kind.

Customer attributes on the Create an Account page

Attributes on the Create an Account page

Customer Attributes on the Customer Account page

Attributes on the Customer Account page

Easy Customer Attributes management from the separate admin grid
Attributes management from the separate grid guarantees that the extension won’t get in conflict with other Magento third-party modules.

Manage Customer Attributes

Support of all attributes available in Magento, including file attachments and images
Merchants can add a wide range of fields like text area, dropdown, date, image, file attachment and others as customer attributes.

Customer Attributes types

Attributes input validation
No spam or inappropriate content will pass through.

Refer to the full list of Customer Attributes features.

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