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Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Here comes the next business year and we’d like to tell our customers about the work that have been done by our team in August.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Today we’ll present a new product and latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Marketplace Theme for Magento 2

What is the ultimate goal of any Magento store? You may say that they are multiple, and will be be just right. However, if expressed in two plain words it’s something like ‘excellent look and great performance’. And that’s exactly what the new Marketplace Theme by Aheadworks is made for.

The features list of the theme is extensive, so we’ll only say that it is able to offer:

  • Efficient and straightforward shopping experience;

  • Fully responsive design;

  • Rich homepage content;

  • Easy customizations with LESS;

  • Versatile custom blocks;

  • Adjustable product grids;

  • And so on, and so far.

The theme is suitable for any businesses and products lines. Right now you can take advantage of two default home pages - Apparel and Electronics. Both the variants are available in our demo stores.

Marketplace Theme Homepage

Marketplace Theme Homepage

Using the provided improved navigation, vivid mega menus, adjustable product category grids, featured product blocks, promotional banners, etc. your customers will benefit from high-quality shopping experience and comfort.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

Next come our Magento 2 extension updates and we’ve got two round versions here.

Reward Points 1.4

Reward Points Data Export
As soon as reward points are an important attribute of customer profiles, we can’t allow hem to be lost during any migration processes, including M1 to M2 or M2 to M2 movements.

So, the first stage of this procedure is carried out by the export feature. The ‘export’ button was added to the Customers grid in the backend. So, now Magento admins are able to export reward points data into CSV or Excel XML. The ultimate list of the exported columns is presented below:

  • Customer Name;

  • Customer Email;

  • Lifetime sales;

  • Current customer balance;

  • Total points earned;

  • Total points spent;

  • Website;

  • Balance Update Notifications (status);

  • Points Expiration Notifications (status).

Reward Points Data Import
Accordingly, the “reverse” button ‘Import’ is located in the same grid and allows you to import data from CSV files. The required fields for such files are Customer Email, Current Customer Balance, and Website. If any of the required columns is missed or any cell of them is empty, the import process is going to be aborted and logged in as an error.

Customers Grid

Customers Grid

New ‘Customer Email’ Column
Additionally, as a result of this update a new Customer Email column was added to the Customers grid.

Popup Pro 1.1

Popups Disabled on Mobile Devices
In order to avoid any possible Google penalties for popups displayed on mobile devices Magento admins are able to disable them, if necessary. The functionality is added to the Settings section of the Popup Pro extension and includes the opportunities to disable popups for mobile devices and search engine bots.

Popup Pro Configuration Section

Popup Pro Configuration Section

Magento 1 Extension Updates

Traditionally, we do not forget about our Magento 1 customers and try to update our M1 portfolio regularly. In addition to multiple small improvements and bug fixes, in August we can also highlight two quite considerable updates.

Points and Rewards 1.9

Reward Points Data Export
We’ve already mentioned that the opportunity to transit reward points data may be valuable for not only Magento 2 stores, but also for the store owners migrating from M1 to M2. This way, our Points and Rewards extension is now equipped with the opportunity to export the corresponding data.

The same as for its Magento 2 descendant, the ‘Export’ button is added to the Customers grid allowing you to download data to CSV and Excel XML files ready to be imported to Magento 2 stores via our Reward Points extension.

New Customers Grid
The new grid used for export is added to Promotions -> Points and Rewards. The table is compatible with the imported data structure and contains the same columns required by the Reward Points extension for Magento 2.

Event Tickets 1.2

Ticket Personalization
Since some event tickets may require personalization of attendees, from now on they contains a unique holder name and email attributes nor necessarily belonging to their customer.

Ticket Personalization Fields

Ticket Personalization Fields

This functionality can be enabled on the event product page in the backend. The Event Requires Ticket Personalization option is provided at Catalog -> Event Tickets -> Manage Products -> Particular Product -> Event Booking -> General Settings. Enabling the option you can also ask for holder emails, if necessary via the provided Display Email Field dropdown.

As soon as a customer presses the ‘Add to cart’ button on the event product page, he activates the Holder Information popup requiring to provide the above information for each purchased ticket.


Hoping that the above updates will make your online stores better and facilitate your daily and strategic activities we are glad to announce that just till the end of this year we plan to release even more new products and further improve our existing extensions.

So, stay tuned!