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Aheadworks Updates June 2017

Even though June is the beginning of the bright summer and everyone wants to take so long-awaited vacation, we also know that shopping never stops and store development should be continued no matter where our dreams soar.

Aheadworks Updates June 2017

So, with no regrets and modest gladness we’d like to present you our latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Magento 2 Extension Updates

In June we updated our three Magento 2 extensions with some beneficial features.

Coupon Code Generator 1.2

Flexible Rule Priorities
Coupon Code Generator 1.2 allows Magento admins to flexibly set up rule priority or even discard further rules applicable to particular shopping carts. The ‘Priority’ option allows establishing the sequence of rules and the ‘Discard Subsequent Rules’ option deactivates further shopping cart rules with lower priorities.


Automatic Related Products 1.2

Related Out of Stock Products
The latest update of the extension contains one new feature related to out of stock products. Now, Magento admins are able to exclude such products from related product blocks. The configuration option is available at Marketing -> Automatic Related Products by Aheadworks -> Manage Rules -> Create New Rule -> How to Display.

Blog 2.3

Flexible Blog Dates and Statuses
With the new version of the Blog extension each post can be scheduled, published or updated easily and intuitively. Without any extra actions required, depending on the date you set in the extension calendar the module offers you to either update, publish or schedule posts automatically. The status of the action button updates according to any eligible date change displaying the upcoming action clearly.

Magento 1 Extension Updates


Delivery Date and Notice 1.4

Change Delivery Dates of Existing Orders
Sometimes, when the order has already been formed and all shipment parameters, including delivery dates, specified, the customers asks you to postpone or accelerate shipment. With the new feature you can change delivery dates of uncompleted orders easily right from the backend.

Delivery Date Amendments

Delivery Date Amendments

Now, the delivery date option is shown in the Shipping and Handling block of orders, where admins can both change delivery dates and edit delivery notices.

PayPal Express Support
Delivery Date and Notice 1.4 allows you to fully take advantage of the extension’s functionality for the orders processed via PayPal Express. So, it significantly widens the customer audience of the extension.

Delivery Date and Notice as a Required Field
If the delivery service you use requires delivery dates without fail, you can make this order attribute a required field for each order you accept. This new extension option is added to the Configuration section of the extension.

Delivery Date as a Required Field

Delivery Date as a Required Field

Gift Card / Certificate 2.2

Gift Card Import / Export
Starting with the latest version of the module Magento admins are able to import gift codes to Magento from CSV files. This functionality is going to be useful for the stores moving from other Magento versions, the merchants that used some other Magento gift card extensions or in case if an admin needs to import codes of existing physical gift cards.

Coupon Code Patterns
For the store owners that need unique and original gift card coupons we added the possibility to specify their patterns. They can set up code length and format, their prefixes and suffixes, code separators, etc. The functionality is available in the Coupon Code Settings section of the extension.

Coupon Code Settings

Coupon Code Settings

Advanced Reviews 2.4

Reviews Rich Snippets Markup
The latest version of Advanced Reviews comes with the dedicated markup that makes it possible to create Google rich snippets including rating values, counts, and other properties.


These are the latest updates of our extensions in June 2017. However, we’ve got even more for you.

Just soon we are going to release our new Magento 2 extension - Smart One Step Checkout. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can preorder the module in our store and save 30% off the regular price.