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AJAX Cart Pro - Almost Invisible Still Powerful Functionality for Your Shopping Cart

The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

In this case, we suggest you refer to our blog and get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in. For easy browsing, each product page in our store contains the “Docs & Articles” tab, where you can find all blog articles related to one or another product.

This time, the AJAX Cart Pro extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the module and benefits you can get.

5 Reasons to Use AJAX Cart Pro

Allows you to retain shoppers as long as possible
The AJAX Cart Pro extension allows customers make purchases seamlessly and add products to carts directly from category sections without jumping to product pages. Customers should not continuously click the “Update” button during adding products to carts and can continue their shopping process without any distractions.

This functionality makes the purchasing process easy and seamless and allows you to retain customers’ attention on your products and services.

Note: The extension supports all native Magento product types.



Product Options in the Confirmation Pop-Up


Product Options in the Confirmation Pop-Up

Increases conversion rates and sales
According to Statista, 21% of customers abandon their carts due to the following reason – “Process was taking too long”. Since you have the AJAX Cart Pro extension installed in your store you can expect that customers remain active and decrease abandonment rate, as each interaction – addition or deletion of products – refreshes only the shopping cart rather than the entire page.

Furthermore, since the process of adding and deleting products is so simple customers do not feel any obstacles to put all products they want to their carts. This way you can increase the average value of customers’ shopping carts.

Allows customers control the process and status of their carts
Despite the AJAX functionality performs all the activity backstage, the extension provides Magento admins multiple ways to display the module activity and shopping cart status changes.

The Item Being Added to the Cart from the Category Page


The Item Being Added to the Cart from the Category Page

In particular, the AJAX activity indicator and cart update animation make it clear when the module is active and the cart is updated. You can also customize these indicators on your own replacing the default indicator pictures, choosing among several pre-defined update status animation effects (opacity, grow, blink or none), or even disabling confirmation dialogs.

Note: AJAX Cart Pro provides the ability to specify the quantity of products in pop-up windows.

Personalizes you store
Since the 3.0 version the extension provides an opportunity to create customizable confirmation blocks, which appear after adding/removing products to/from carts. You can change the design of the pop-up window and insert widgets, images, or variables into this block from the backend.

The information that appears in the confirmation block can be controlled by multi-variant Magento rules, which provide you numerous availabilities for targeting and segmentation of your notifications.

You can customize the confirmation block according to different items or different stores; select definite customer groups, which can view the block; limit the duration of each rule and its priority; etc.

Promotes your products in the confirmation window
You can also use highly customizable confirmation blocks for multiple additional purposes. For example, you can display cross-sell block there and promote your products one more efficient way.

Cross-Sells in the Confirmation Block


Cross-Sells in the Confirmation Block

In this case AJAX Cart Pro provides additional promotional and marketing facilities and multipurpose functionality for your Magento store.

Note: AJAX Cart Pro uses the current layout of the store.

More Info

For more information visit the product page of the extension or try it in our demo stores. If you still need some more clarifications, you can refer to the extension documentation or our knowledge base.

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