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This September Romania Welcomes Magento

Welcome Message from the Organizers of the Conference

Hi, and Welcome to Meet Magento Romania!
Meet Magento debuts in Cluj-Napoca, the leading city of the Romanian IT sector.
The event is focused on E-commerce and Magento ecosystem at the country level.
Developers, IT service providers, and online retailers meet on September 13 at Meet Magento Romania.
See you there. Thanks a lot!

Less than one month left before the start of a very busy period for Magento full of conferences, meetings, and other great events.

As we have already noted before, a lot of new countries open their doors for the Magento community for the first time this year. We hope that all these new events will become traditional and significantly accelerate the propagation of Magento all around the world.


This is the first time when Romania hosts a Meet Magento edition and we would like to tell you a couple of words about this wonderful country.

Romania is a country in the center of Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, and the western shore of the Black Sea. The capital of the country is Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania. Romanians are the main ethnic group and constitute 84% of the country’s population.

Several Facts about Romania

  • Time Zone: Seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 2);

  • Population: 19,942,000 (March 2014);

  • Largest cities: Bucharest (1,883,400), Cluj Napoca (324,600), Timisoara (319,300), Iasi (290,400), Constanta (283,900), Craiova (269,500), Brasov (253,200), Galati (249,400), Ploiesti (209,900);

  • Currency: Leu (RON) (plural Lei);

  • Official Language: Romanian;

  • Main Religion: Christian Orthodox - 81%.


Cluj-Napoca is the western city in the region of Transylvania, which is surrounded by numerous hills; and the city’s name origin comes from this hilly location. The city is full of ancient churches, palaces, and other historical buildings. At the same time it has a highly developed transportation infrastructure, advanced accommodation, shopping and entertainment facilities.

Meet Magento Romania 2014

September 13, Cluj-Napoca will host the Meet Magento Romania 2014 conference and gather all the convinced Magento followers from Romania and abroad. The geographic location and high information technology potential of the city together with numerous IT specialists and companies makes Cluj-Napoca, undoubtedly, the best place for Magento events in Romania.

The conference is held in the Grand Hotel Napoca, Octavian Goga str., 1. It is positioned in the heart of Cluj-Napoca in front of the shore of Somes river and city central park. This is one of the biggest conference centers in Transylvania, which may place about four thousand guests in its meeting rooms.

The starting part of the conference will be directed to both merchants and developers and held in the form of Joint Session. After the introduction and opening notes the conference will be continued within two tracks: the sales/marketing and technical one.

Technical Track Topics

  • Magento optimisation;

  • Magento 2;

  • Responsive mobile-first;

  • SEO;

  • Varnish/Redis;

  • Unit testing on Magento.

Sales/marketing Track Topics

  • E-commerce startup;

  • Product presentation;

  • Marketing PPC;

  • Conversion optimization;

  • Social media for E-commerce;

  • Payments in E-commerce.

The Afterparty of the conference will provide you numerous opportunities for establishing new business contacts and making friends, especially when the board of speakers and visitors promises to be really remarkable.

Board of Speakers

Ben Marks Fabian Blechschmidt Guido Jansen Kuba Zwolinski
Rico Neitzel Sylvain Raye Thomas Fleck Tom Robertshaw

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This is only a small part of the entire Board of Speakers of the Meet Magento Romania conference and the names left behind this list are also well-known within the Magento community. So, MMRO 2014 is going to welcome a real constellation of prominent Magento persons.

Exclusive Offer for Our Customers

Except other pleasant things regarding the conference, we have a very pleasant one for our customers. The organizers of the conference (MindMagnet) provided us a 20% discount on full-pass conference tickets exclusively for aheadWorks clients. So, if you are our client and going to attend Meet Magento Romania 2014, just let us know about it via email to [email protected] and we’ll send you the discount coupon.


We are sure that the Meet Magento Romania 2014 conference will have great success among the Romanian merchants and cause wide response among domestic Magento developers. With this event Magento will even deeply penetrate the local market while the Romanian entrepreneurs will have a great chance to know the most popular e-commerce platform in details.

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