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Better Thank You Page Extension: A Powerful Marketing Tool Far Exceeding 'ThankYouing' Purposes

As a rule, successful merchants always keep an eye on customer conversion rate. And they use any opportunity to increase it. But sometimes store owners forget the Thank you page which can be easily turned into a powerful tool.

When Magento order process is completed, this success page becomes an ideal possibility for further conversion. Any information merchants want to show to customers can be placed here. People need to be sure that transactions haven’t failed and that’s why the content of this page will be read.

The Better Thank You Page extension replaces Magento native order success page with a new one that is more catching and attractive. The page created by the module provides customers with different types of sections and increases your Magento store’s benefits.

Now you have a chance to pre-order Better Thank You Page for $69. After the official release its price will be raised to $89.

Better Thank You Page

What features does the extension possess? The list is below.

Five available sections for the page creation
Merchants can choose which sections the Thank you page will have and define their sort order.

Five available sections

Section with order information
This segment contains order number, invoice button and any text message you will compose.

Order information

Social network sharing section
Add active elements of the most popular social networks, so customers will be able to share the information about your store.

Social network sharing section

Option to add the CMS block
Create your own CMS block and place any promotional, advertising or other useful information. Make the page unique and attract customers to come back
over and over again.

CMS block

Cross-sells section
Cross-selling is one of the easiest and most effective methods of marketing. Enable this segment, set the quantity of suggestions and sell additional product or service with ease.

Cross-sells section

Section with newsletter subscription
Define whether customers will be able to sign up for newsletters on your Thank you page.

Newsletter subscription

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