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Company Accounts for Magento 2 extension to spur your presence in B2B

To be or B2B? That is the question. Luckily, there is a definite answer. Doubts aside, you are already doing it! 

Company Accounts for Magento 2

To be or B2B? A timely question, indeed, in the face of the growing consumerization of B2B eCommerce. Good news - it is not the ‘Hamlet’s dilemma’, and you do not have to be a supplier only in order to sell B2B. Many Magento 2 vendors are both B2B and B2C, and many of these vendors even use their same homepage for each audience, segmenting customer groups into individual merchant accounts and company accounts.  
By far, B2B buyers increasingly prefer the option to self-serve online through a single Web-based platform.

Aheadworks have already presented an extension for organizing shoppers into tailored groups, Magento 2 Customer Segmentation. Now we are happy to reveal a brand-new, completely B2B-focused module which further expands the above functionality, and welcomes you to the brave new world. A simple, though powerful, solution for your B2C experience to branch into B2B - Company Accounts for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Company Accounts, Overview

As the name suggests, the extension allows creating and managing company accounts. It helps online vendors and their wholesale customers interact as brands, sophisticated engagement assured for best business-to-business practices.
Your partner’s offices may be miles apart, but with Magento 2 Company Accounts they are indispensable parts of a single whole.

Personalization is in the core of Company Accounts for Magento 2. On the customer side, one is now able to organize a sharp hierarchy with apparent role boundaries of member-accounts. 

Customer benefits:

  • Act as one, whatever is the location worldwide;

  • Loose no individuality;

  • Exercise autonomy and engage in team work;

  • Retain composure;

  • Feel the back of a colleague.

Your partner’s employee got on a sick-list and dropped out of the negotiations? Company Accounts allows company admins to re-assign tasks to keep the negotiations going, thus saving time and pace.

Merchants, on the back-end, can easily manage the accounts of the companies.

Vendor benefits:

  • Collaborate with the “right people on the task”;

  • Understand partners’ purchasing strategies;

  • Project for future sales;

  • Save time on account management.

Magento 2 Company Accounts, Features

With Magento 2 Company Accounts B2B is comfortably possible! Personalization draws people of the vendor into close collaboration with the people of the buyer. Yet, you do get more than the two Bs of the model! Smart integration options enhance noticeably the functionality of the extension to boast sales optimization potential and effective inter-company control over  member-accounts.

Reward Points Integration with Rewards Points allows company account admins to limit spending reward points for various users within the corporate account.
Integration with Store Credit also enables setting limitations on the credit balance available to company members.
Cart to Quote Logo Integration with Cart to Quote opens the doors of price negotiations to all the company customers, selected by the corporate admin.

Earning rewards individually and spending them collectively further facilitates best B2B experience, when company admins are able to easily reallocate financial resources between branches to optimize expenditures and procurement.

Customer benefits:

  • Fill no lengthy paper forms;

  • Enjoy fast recurring ordering;

  • Use one, common wallet, enjoy common discounts;

  • Optimize procurement and purchasing;

  • Enhance negotiations.

As a Magento 2 vendor you might have been considering the prospects of catching up with the business-to-business vector. You might also have been turned away by all its specifics and complexities. The secret is that you are pretty much already doing B2B. It just takes a few extensions from Aheadworks to experience its full potential, with Company Accounts as cornerstone. So, in modern-Shakespearean words, “Don’t lose the name of action, and the name is Company Accounts”.

Magento 2 Company Accounts
Go ahead and read more on how we bring to life personalization, ultimate control and sales optimization for best B2B practices with Company Accounts for Magento 2. See for yourself now what makes our product second to none.