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Create an unlimited number of static blocks with Z-Blocks v.2.2.4

The Z-Blocks extension is a perfect tool for those who want to make an advertising banner or other applicable information displayed at any place of any page. With widgets support, every non-technical administrator of your website can add new, recently compared, recently viewed product lists to the z-block content and insert links to categories or CMS pages.

With the Z-Blocks Magento module you can make:

  • support service phone number shown in working hours only

  • curious facts displayed randomly

  • info about upcoming events appear at custom categories or on product pages only

  • national holidays congratulations displayed at different stores/languages

  • etc.

The Z-Blocks extension allows selecting the predefined block position or create a custom one. Moreover, you can specify the categories for the block to be displayed at. In the 2.2.4 version of Z-Blocks, the logic of these two parameters interrelation has been changed. Now if the Custom Position is specified for the block, the categories selection is not applied.

The following minor bugs have been fixed in the Z-Blocks Magento extension v.2.2.4:

  • Incorrect work when category has apostrophe in ID

  • Blocks displayed incorrectly on multistep checkout page in Enterprise Edition

To learn more about the extension's features, try the demo, or read use cases, please visit the Z-Blocks page.