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Provide the highest standards of customer service with the RMA extension

The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Magento module allows your customers to return the products bought to have them replaced or refunded within the admin specified warranty period.

Our RMA extension provides the highest standards of customer service. It is an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility, and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

With this add-on from aheadWorks Co., you get not only RMA functionality but also a bulk of other powerful features:

  • Easy RMA tracking

    With the print labels and unique tracking codes, you get protection against fraudulent returns and can easily follow not only RMA requests but products returned as well.

  • Unlimited request types and statuses

    By default, there are two request types – replacement and refund. But if you need more (repair, credit for another product, or anything else), you can easily create them as well as new statuses in the backend.

  • Total control over every aspect of the extension:

    • return period for products after order completion;

    • forbidden filename extensions for uploading;

    • maximum attachment size;

    • the popup text for shipping confirmation dialog;

    • etc.


  • Flexible email notifications management

    This Magento extension allows defining who will receive RMA notifications – the store admin, the customer, or both. You can even create a separate RMA department with specified email and address.



  • Requests history

    Our Magento extension retains an unlimited history of all RMA requests.



  • Intuitively understandable frontend interface

    Having selected the required order and products, customers can choose the request type, specify the package condition, attach a file, and even add a couple of words as comments.



  • Option to return one product per order

    If your customers bought several items per order, they can select which of them they want to return.

  • Anonymous RMA

    You can allow guests to make an RMA request – everything they should specify is the email address and order ID.



  • Multistore support

    You can specify the store view for each request type and status.

Please, feel free to visit the RMA Magento extension page where you can find the module screenshots and play with this add-on in the demo.