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cup "...We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions"

Nothing makes a provider pleased more than happy and successful customers, and below we present the next success story in our blog. “…We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions”

The story started years ago, but continues till our time with the deserved success of - the U.S. online office coffee service provider. Today the company celebrates its 20-th anniversary and makes optimistic plans for the future. Success Story

“ began on the back of a napkin.  Perhaps not the most glamorous of beginnings.  It’s 1996 and the Internet was proving itself to not be a fad. Our goal was to provide value, speed, convenience and customer control to the Office Coffee customer. began on the back of a napkin.

The old fashioned OCS (office coffee service) was now eclipsed by the NEW ICS industry; the Internet Coffee Service industry, for which we are given the credit of developing by our industry peers. provides offices unique new items not available through OCS.  Items Such as: Starbucks, Tazo Tea, Folgers Black Silk, Java One Pods, Keurig, True Lemon, Organic, Kosher, Sugar Free and breakroom supplies. joined up with Aheadworks Ajax Pro many, many years ago.  We needed to roll out a modern website and provide a custom shopping experience for our B2B customers. Ajax Pro back then, came as an addition through our development company and we really did not know who this wonderful company was.
Aheadworks commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!

When we again expanded our website capabilities with Magento, we partnered directly with Aheadworks for their highly rated extensions.  Their commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!  They offer hands on, customer service oriented support for all of their Magento Extensions.  With this partnership between, Aheadworks and Magento, we have been able to quickly change with customer demand and keep a fresh interactive website.

We partnered directly with Aheadworks for their highly rated extensions

With our 20-year anniversary this year, we wish we could say the Rest is History!  However, our commitment to our customers is truly the most important thing we do each and every day. The customer today is more demanding than ever, and not just in product mix.  They demand a website that is flexible (mobile/desktop), user friendly and adaptable.

By partnering with Magento and the wide range of Magento Extension providers and developers, we are able to quickly change with customer needs. So our history is still being written.”

The AJAX Cart Pro Magento 2 extensionAJAX Cart Pro

One the main parts of the story above is the AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension. It continues developing alongside the new requirements provided by customers. We have already released a lot of functionality improvements for this product since the first purchase by and even the module for Magento 2 stores.

The next generation of the extension saves its main features and is additionally enriched with responsive design and integration tests. So, now you can easily make sure the extension works properly on your web site. Visit the AJAX Cart Pro product page for more details.

We thank for the shared story and are glad to be part of a great success inspired, to a certain extent, by Magento and our extensions.